Hardwar Farm for fruits and vegetables

I want to buy a small far initially in haridwar nearby and try industrial internsive farming , maximum utilisation of space, multiple crops , organic farming, to try and create a model for best agricultural practises  for showcasing for people in city to invest in small farms in villages so that employement is generated and villagers get more money and latest process’s… experts here do u think its feasible and what would be total expenses involved , please guide

Welcome to the forum.

I don’t mean to discourage you, but if you are starting farming afresh, you have a huge and long learning curve before you to get to a stage of demonstrating things. You should read my book - ‘What they don’t teach you at the agricultural university’ - okay, I didn’t write it yet :slight_smile:

My view is that you could get into farming for yourself, it is very ambitious to do it for showcasing and generating employment for villagers. Your question on expenses is very generic.

Good luck.

Yeah Chandraji waiting for your Book :slight_smile:.

Farming is something what I learnt is that you need to have lot of passion and have to dedicate lots and lots of time. My 2 cents:

  1. Have to learn a lot of things for the villagers. They are double smart than us.
  2. Grass/Trees - What an extreme friend they are for the farmers, most of the time around the years goes clearing these  ;D.
  3. Water the blessing without which you know what will happen  :slight_smile:
  4. Pests love them so that they dont love you back  ;D
  5. Expenses - never can be controlled unless you look to generate them back.