Hai I am Kiran kumar from srikakulam, please suggest the best host Cum intercrop

Sir, I am Kiran kumar from srikakulam, please suggest best permanent host as well as intercrop in srigandham plantation,  thanks

Dear Sri Kiran Kumar,

Initial host, for first half year , for a period of 6 months, is Red Gram (kandhi) and/or chilli(mirapa), hot pepper. These plants to be sowed 2 months before sandal plants are planted, at a a closer distance .

Best permanent hostorium plants will be Indian gooseberry, Amla, Rathi _Usiri. Jetropha tree,( ganuga tree ), or survee (sarugudu), or Nile Acacia/black babul/nalla thumma also can be consider, but best is Amla tree/ Indian gooseberry trees, as the farmer gets good and considerable fast income, leaf area is very less and diseases/insect problem is very less and water requirement is also very moderate.

The above trees should be planted at one MTR distance radius, immediately after planting the sandal wood tree.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thank you g p Rao sir for ur message regardining srigandham hosts  I will accordingly