Guidelines for Banana farming

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As far as my little knowledge(two years in this bussiness) goes Banana Plantaion is very easy job if done systematically with little dedication (not effort) and for small frams this will bring great returns subjected to

  1. Wheather your land is suitable for banana cultivation
  2. Climate: High Wind areas has a potential risk for falling trees (all) will fall over night.
  3. Water availability (normal with out salt content)

IF YES then following information will be usefull

  1. Apprx. 1200 samples per acer can be planted for normal plantaion and for High density(1.2MX1.2MX1.8m) one can accomidate around 1820 samplings per acer.
    2.Adopt dip irrigation for easy operations and maintenance.

  2. Always buy TC(tissue cultures) samples from Jain irrigatoin or any other standard make (lot of good companies are there who give service(free) after sales)

  3. The cost of TC samples will be in the range of 8/- to 10/- excluding transport expenses. (pl take original bill with out fail, coz if there is any problems like no fruting or less yield, company will reimburse money (including fertiliser, labour, power cost)

  4. The Apprx. cost for plantation for every 1000 samplings for first year will be around 80000/- including labour, fertiliser and other expenses like wooden planks to avoid tree to fall etc and for second and third year it will still less.

  5. Harvesting time starts from 9 month to 10 months

  6. Yield depends on the type of soil and its fertility, lets us assume 3000 trees are planted and following will be yield patterns
        a. first major yield i.e. approx. for 1500 trees will yield 27 to 32 kgs.
        b. Next 1000 trees will fetch around 18 to 22 kgs.
        c. Last five hundres will be around 15 kgs.
        d. One cannot get yield for all 3000 trees, there will be losses of around 200 to 300 trees for differents reasons.
        e. On an averge one can fetch 21 to 23 kgs for every 1000 trees
        d. If land is fertile and high dedication one will fetch on an average 28kgs to 30 kgs for every 1000 trees

  7. The Cost for yield will vary from one place to other place and as follows
        a. Least cost (i.e minimum during worse demand) will be around  4.5/- to 6/- per kg
        b. During average demand one can fetch around 8/- to 12/- per kg
        c. During peak demand one can fetch around 11/- to 15/- per kg
        d. On an averge one can generate revenue of 1.2 lakhs minimum and 2.2 lakhs average and for maximum returns (one should get good yield plus good rate) will come around 4 to 5 laksh for 1000 trees for first cutting(crop). There are farmers how have got average yield of 33kgs.
        c. for second cutting and third cutting there will less cost compaired to first.
        d. One can sell suckers for 4/- per sampling after first cutting.

  8. Plantation time people say its is good in June-July to avoid wind season or Oct/Nov to avoid mango season and summer, people donot like to eat banans during summer. But i learnt that there will be hung demand during festival seasons and one can target festivals and plan accordingly. During Ramzan there will good demand for bananas from foriegn countries like golf & Europe.

Special tips that i learnt from farmers to get maximum yield with minimum expenses.

  1. Manure cowdone and its urine for regularly
  2. One has to use modren technology to benefit (donot lisen to conservative farmers) like High density plantation
  3. Every less people will try new things like high density because of fearing of failure.
  4. Be optimistics and try to learn the tricks of trade from different sources and always try new things.

For New farmers: In my opinion, get soil analysis and approch nearest agriculture department or farmer who has achived good results for tips and go for High density plantation to get good quantity of yield and take good care for first 6 months and you will get good results.

The modren farmers earns handsome returns that any software engineer or other service person because farmer in India need not pay income tax.

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Pl correct me if am wrong, so that it will help me and others.

Me Engineer by proffession and farmer by choice.
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