Guidance Required : Backyard farming

Hi fellow forum members,

Hope each one of you doing well.

I have got a plot which is ~ 400 sq yards or almost 1/2 a bigha.
doing something in farming is my interest and i will for sure pursue this interest in future. but for now i want to explore some options where i may use this piece of land and help myself satisfying this farming urge as well as make a regular source of imcome gradually.
few options what come to my mind are

  • Mushroom farming
  • Turmeric farming(haldi)

If anyone of you may help to shortlist some more which i may discuss with experts further.


How about growing your own food? Family gets fresh organic produce and you get to try farming while trying out various vegetables and could possibly sell extra produce.

If you just looking for extra income, mushrooms are good option. Would suggest you start with Oyster mushrooms, as they are more hardy.

I would go with Senthil’s idea.