Guidance for Sunflower Cultivation


I am planning to sow Sunflower in an area of 1 acre at my farm in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I have spoken to various agronomists in Rajasthan but they seem to have no idea about this crop.

Kindly guide on the following aspects:

  1. Is it okay to sow Sunflower Seeds in Mid-October?
  2. Is it a very difficult crop to manage?
  3. How is the seed sowing done for Sunflower?
  4. Does sunflower attract a lot of pests/insects or Can it be sown near a residential building?
  5. What is the optimum variety for Jaipur,Rajasthan (Black Clay Soil, PH-7.5, EC-1.2)?

Awaiting your kind feedback.

Anyone who can help?

I hope the link ( … lower.html) helps.