Guava yield per tree

Good day friends and seniors,

    with interest in agriculture planning to buy a agri land with
  1. guava plantations, around 300 plants in 1.5 acre , 5 years old
  2. sapota plants around 300 in 1.5 acres.  ,  5 years  old
  3. mango 180 plants in 2 acres . 5 years old.
  4. Amla  1500 plants  in 8 acres,  3 years old.

All are drip irrigated, my question is  how much yield can be expeced per plant and whats the farm gate price.(farm located in virudunagar dt, Tamilnadu), since planning to invest all my savings in this farm, our guidance will be more helpful , thanks in advance

Seems all above crops have been planted in closer spacing ie, moderately dense plantation …For this age group especially cultivated under drip irrigation , well managed plantation must prodcue as follows

1.Guava should yield @ Min .15 kgs per plant for about 300 plants for 2 season crops ( summer and winter ) = 6 to7  MT

2.Sapota @ Min. 12  kgs per plant for about 300 plants  for two seasons = 5 to 6 MT

3.Mango @ Min .20 kgs per plant for 180 plants = 3.6 to 4 MT

4.Amla @ min.5 kgs per plant for about 1800 = 9 to 10 MT …

Gross income at farm gate price

Guava @ Rs.40 per kg for min.6 MT = Rs.2.40 lac
Sapota @ Rs.25 per kg for min 5MT = Rs.1.25 lac
Mango @ Rs. 20 per kg for3.6 MT    = Rs.0.70 lac
Amla @ Rs. 30 for about 9 MT =          Rs.2.70 lac

Total income from all these crops of 5 years old plantation will be around Rs.7.05 lac …

If well managed the yield of all the crops will be higher by 2 times more than the present yield and the xpected annual farm income will be around 21 lac for 13 acres with average per acre income of Rs.1.61 lac per acre …

If you bestow less care , the yield will increase on decreasing rate and will produce just 1.5 times than the present yield and your farm income will be 10.75 lac for 13 acre with average annual farm income of 0.83 lac per acre

If you poorly managed ,your yield will be down by half the present yield and your annual farm income will be around 5.5 lac for 13 acres and average annual per acre farm income will be around Rs. 0.42 lac …

Because part of Virudhunagar district in coming under semi dry climate with climatic data as follows

Normal rainfall of 820 mm , lower compared to state normal rainfall of 950.8 mm

Last 70 year average rainfall for virudhunagr district is 811.7 mm
Last five year average rainfall for virudhunagr district is 805.5 mm

and erratic monthly distribution of rainfall in a year …

Black soil and red sandy and lateritic soil are major type …

So when you decide to buy land first you look for irrigation water potential in term of depth of ground water , and discharge of water ( for this you switch on the pump and check the force of water delivery and ensure atleast 10000 to 12000 litres of water is discharged per hour…this can be roughly assessed through the force at which water is delivered )…This can be best checked during summer month only …

Check for soil profile upto 6 feet depth at least …if you notice sub soil calcareousness …it is not good for fruit crops…in such case when plant advance through age and grow big the roots will also grow and go deep and when touch this calcareous layer of sub surface soil , the plant will get stunted and become sick and poor …

If you feel satisfied with land condition with good water potential then go ahead buying the land …you can make improvement in the existing plantation through GAP…

  ramu sir,
  Thanks for your detailed explanation by spending your valuble time, the soil is red sandy soil, farm has 4 bore holes 350- 400 feet…all bore wells are yielding.two are with submersible motors, and other tw with compressor aided lifting.


If you are satisfied with existing condition of the farm then do proceed with buying your land…In another 5 years you can not buy land because land will definitely become a costliest item worth more than most precious metals on earth …