Guava wilt? Any organic remedies?

Hi, we planted Thailand red guava 3 months ago in red soil. Water is through drip irrigation on alternative days. No fertiliser applied so far as we are at the verge of starting to follow palekar method.

Noticed the plants developed some dry leaves and the leaf edges are twisted a bit. Please see the pictures and suggest any remedies preferably non chemical ones. One guava farmer suggested we are providing too much water or lack of magnesium. Thanks much - Vritifarms

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Resp Vritifarms,

It is unfortunate and we feelsorry for the bad incidence.

Since you want to follow, Zero Budget Natural Farming, of Sri Palekar , we are nothing to say as we are only practsing Organic farming.

Organic farming is expensive and not a Zero Budget. Since you mentioned heading as Organic remedies , we will explain, basing on our organic farming experiance.

As you are aware, in recent times, Guava plants are much subjected to Nematodes problems, all over India, and hundreds of acres are uprooted, for which, the experts opinion in Organic method is , as follows to safe guard the plantations.

Initially prepare a solution with 200 ltrs water mixed with 1 kg Trichederma Viride/Horizonum +1 kg Psuedomonas + 1 kg Paceilomysis + 1 kg PSB + 1 kg Azo spirillum/bacter , mix well and drench it in all the Guava plants pits immediately. This is sufficient for 1 acre and costs you around rs 350/- to rs 600/- per acre.

2 nd: keep one tractor load of FYM in a shade place and spread it to a height of 1.5 ft. On the above spraed 100 kgs of Neem cake , mix it well and put sufficient water only( should not leach out ). Initially there may be heat in inner portion and will come down after coulple of days. Then add 2 to5 kgs of Trichoderma Viride/Horizonum + 2 to 5 kgs of Psiedomonas + 2 to5 kgs of Paceilomysis + 2 to 5 kgs of PSB + 2 to 5 kgs of A.S/Bactor, and mix well and put sufficient water ( only humid, not watery ), mix it well and cover it with wet gunny bags. Water and mix it daily and after 10 to 12 days, you will find white powder coat under the wet gunny bags.

Immediately, you spread it @ 2-3 kg per each gova pit and mix it with existing soil. This may cost you around rs 5,000/- to rs 6,000. It can be catered to around 1,000 plants. Say rs 1,000/- per acre. As per the institutions/Universities/Experts, these above two treatments can eradicate of your soil born diseases ,incl nematodes. For organic farmers, the above cost is very reasonable and effordable.

Deficiencies of what so ever will not be exists, if organic mannures are fed. sufficient FYM, Vermicompost, Neem cake, Jetropha cakes may be provided, if wants to follow Organic method and for Palekar methods, their followers may explain to you.

with best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

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please do simplehomeopathic treatment for-mix homeopathic remedy sulpher 6 liquid 4 drops in 1lit of water(in plastic bottle) then shake it or 30 time or hit the botom of bottle on a table top for 30-40 times,now add this soln to 20 lits of potable water.Give it to peripheral roots of plant and spray it on the plant repeat dose after 15 days again thats all.Actual cost of medicine used will be less than Rs one !! If you are sure that it nematode disease please use calendula 6 in similar fashion for ever 7 days till your plants are out of problem.


It is just physiological disorder due to poor soil ( red lateritic ) with subsoil hardness …It needs complete soil amendments …no other management practices whether organic or inorganic will bring any improvement on growth and yield of guava in this field …The slight puckering , discoloration , marginal scorching of leaves attest to this characteristic soil based problem

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There are guava orchards around with same soil type but not same issues. We will be implementing G.P. Rao sirs suggestion and jeevamruth next week. Will allow some time before we observe and take the next steps. thanks

Hello Vritifarms,
Could you overcome the problem with organic treatment.Just curious to know since I also have some guava plants.

Hi Ashok, sorry it has been a while since I logged in. We removed guava plants completely as we didn’t see them growing as much as we expected. Primary reasons are a. Knowledge gap on the nutrition management 2. Too eager to jump on to organic farming methods before allowing soil to enrich 3. Poor quality seedlings(Taiwan guava). One of the experienced farmer who bought from the same nursery and at the same time have complaints of poor growth but they didn’t uproot. Thanks

Dear Vivtifarm ,I am a hoemopath and Homeopathy works wonders in on plants too. There are three types of Wilts pl chk the type of wilt and give the remedy accordingly,there are highly economical and invluably effective remedies as per my personal experience.1. Fusarium wilt: A.Ocimum-bacterium., 2.Spotted wilt A.ocimum bacterium 3.Windroswing- Carbo.veg. Please identify your wilt and use the sutiable remedy as follows- 30 ml remedy=45 Rs (1ml =20 drops) bring the remedy from a Homeopathic pharmacy in “power” of 6 ,mix 4 drops in 1 liter and shake the bottle 50 times and mix it with 20 lits of water so now you have 21 lits with only four drops give this to plats in roots with least quantity forever plat for at least 7 days you will see the recovery from 2-3rd day.All the best.

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sir is there any homeo medicine for prevention of diseases for poultry( hen, turkey,duck,pegion)

Hi Bapu,

Thanks for your suggestions. Can we use this medicine as preventive application?

thanks -Sunil

Dear Vtifarm,
I sorry you cant.This is a remedy Not a prophylectic.

thanks for clarifying

Hello what is the treatment

Dear Eby,Homeopathy has excellelent meds for poultry ,pl google on the topic and you will get sufficient material on the subject.My frind started a puoltry and decided to raise them only with homeopathy absolutely no Vaccinations nothing,only homeopathy and after 4 months he put his video from Pakistan Syalkot where he lives ,I cud see the hens litelrally flying a distance of 300 ft to eat the feed which was being filled in feed containers ,This is the power of Homeopathy,absolutely healthy hens,lusturous anf nimble hens I cud see.