Guava Tree Leaves dropping


We have one guava tree, about 2 years old now. The leaves have started drying up and falling off.
I have been watering almost every 3 days in addition to mulching. I can feel the moisture at the base of the tree.

Please help with solutions.


check for white grubs. you have to dig about a feet can check if you can find any. if this is issue you can use furadon or neem cakes or Beauveria bassiana or you use below formulae … 4/#msg2674

If you dont find root grubs have your soil tested for alkalinity, salinity.

I dont see any more causes. keep your findingd posted.

I thought guava had a seasonal leaf shedding too?

Thanks for reply, I will check what you mean by white grubs, can you also tell me where i should look for these grubs and what exactly it means, is it insect, fungus? Should I look on roots at 1 feet depth, base of plant?


please see attached image. Local name is “beru hula” or “jantu hula”  it is a kind of nematode.

Small correction-root grubs are the larval forms (young ones) of beetles and feed on plant roots.

Thank you Chandra. when they transform into beetles do they come out of soil? or they continue under soil for ever.

While the cycle may vary for different beetle species, typically beetles lay eggs in the soil, the eggs hatch and eat the roots as grubs/larvae, and then pupate in the soil. The adults emerge out of the soil into the open as winged beetles.

The duration in each stage could be weeks to months.