Guava plants turning Yellow

Guava plants turning Yellow
Guava variety - VNR
Total plants - 1700
Yellow plants - 700
White Root growth - stopped
Nematode - No
Plant age- 1 year
Please suggest solutions
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Hi, Here is Kisan Call center Number - 1800 180 1551

Explain them and they provide accurate suggestions. If not tried yet. Just tell them as it is and they will guide.


Hi Rushi 2827,
A few key points

  1. What is the temp?
  2. Are your drippers working perfectly? Is discharge ok?
  3. Is there any white grub infestation near roots?
  4. Have you recently applied fertilizers and is there a chance that these 700 received double dose?
    Off-hand try the following
  5. Give an application of Humic+Seaweed liquid at dose recommended by the mfg co.
  6. You should be able to observe some change in 7-8 days (meaning - increase in yellowing should slow down within 2-3 days and by 7-8 days slight greening or new leaf bud should be noticed)
  7. If observed result as above, repeat application atleast 2 more times at weekly interval.
  8. Once the plants seem ok, go for very low fertilizer dose (starter dose, use water soluble) as foliar alongwith a product containing Amino acid.
    Do revert back if above was helpful. Also get in touch with Kisan call center as advised.

Hi Rushi,

In addition to what Mr. Dharkar (apdharkar) has replied.

The plants are turning yellow because of lack of root growth. These might be because of several reasons. Please get your water checked in a laboratory. Please send the report.

I had the same situation when part of my guava fields starting yellowing. I practice only regenerative techniques. I tried several experiments with few plants. Nothing changed.

When I checked my old water report I realised that I have missed out on an important measurement. I changed the water source and plants started “greening” again.

A lot of farmers, every year, dig circularly around the plant and break the roots to rejuvenate their growth. They pack the pits with FYM + chemicals. I particularly do not see any value in this but thought of mentioning it.