Guava pests control

There is some pests attack to our garden guava plant.Some white pests on mosts of the leaves.Please suggests some remedies,spray for that.

Dear Mr.,

If  you can show the photograph it is well and good to identify the pest. I think it is mealybugs.

Any way plse follow the step, plse don’t go with harmful chemicals

Lime -powder -500 gm + Sulphur -300 gm + Cooked maida flour  -750 gm (Boil in 10 lits water) filter

and add  the whole contents in 200 lits water +Detergent powder -20 gm-  spray to whole plants.

Check any ants are there

If so  buy some waste fresh fish  and mix it with any pesticide and keep  base of trees , ant will eat

fish and die, no need to spray pesticides to the trees

Thank you
Good luck


It is for certain they are white flies. It is a common problem in gauva. Spray neem oil to the undersurface of the leaves. It turns the plant juice  bitter so that the white flies cannot suck because of the odd odour which it wont relish. secondly it becomes sticky and white flies become immobile. Fish oil or soap solution can also be sprayed but neem product is the best.

Dear majidmirza saab,
                                  If the pest is on the leaves it willbe spiraling white fly,now it has become a menace in fruit and ornamental plants.chemical control:-Dichlorovos 1ml/lit or trizophos 2ml/lit.If you get quality neem oil you can spray that also,but quality neem oil is not available in the market.
                                    If the pest is on the fruit and on the  branches it is mealy bug.Once the mealybug covers its body with white coat  no chemical works.cut the branches and time keep the basin clean and use any folidol dust to the soil.
                                    If the problem is not serious leave it ,nature looks after everything.