Guava Fruit Borer?

We noticed some of the guava fruits at our farm are having small borers which burrow into the fruit and make it mushy inside. Please see attached pics and please give your suggestions as to how we can control this. We have installed light traps and fruit fly pheromone traps
First choice would be non- chemical methods but not averse to off the shelf insecticides.

The first pic shows small holes thru which the borers go in and out
The second pic is a cut away of the inside
The third pic is of the small borer, it is the brown one at almost the centre of the pic


looks like fruit fly.
Pheromone trap is good preventive measure. there is no cure for this once affected fruits are waste.

Did you see any white larve?

thanks sri

have not noticed any larve and surprised that this small guy can turn into a fruit fly
we have set some traps maybe increase a few more

it is difficult to notice because inside fruit it is white and same color of larvae so it is camouflaged :slight_smile:

i have faced this problem this is very bad.
if u take a ripe guava u can see small white larva if u see very closely then u notice.

before getting to the solution let me first identify why this problem occurs
1 use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides -----reason this fruit boarer have its enemy on the plant but use of pesticides kill the friends bug which cant fly but this fruit boarer fly off and then again come so stop chemical spraying

2 so u ask what to use-----ans is dig a 1feet X 1 feet hole around the plant and add weeds cow dung(only desi not hf,joursey or hybrid) and cover it

3 spray panchagavya if u dont know then google it and learn

          now the solution

this above are natural process that takes time currently u have to destroy the fruits beacause if u have feromon trap u may caught few but not all ,also if u spray it takes time and money waste and nothing came out also if u eat u have future problem of eating pesticide fruits soi recommend  u  face the loss now if u do then all the larva get destroyed and next season u get  lots of delicious fruits

            if u want to ask any related prob feel free to contact