Guava as commercial crop


I am planning on growing guava for commercials purposes in Chennai. As I am new to this need guidance from members of this forum.

  1. Are there any major concerns that one should pay attention to while selecting this crop?
  2. What varieties are best recommended ?
  3. Which nurseries do you recommend i source saplings from?
    Look forward to your support and thanks

Hi xisfan,

The varieties are:

  1. Lucknow 49
  2. Allahabad
  3. Apple Guava

You can checkout with Isha Foundation for Saplings.

Thanks Padmanaban for info on varieties to consider and source where we can get them.

Is there a  Thailand variety which is popular, the fruits are big and pulpy? Can we get the seedlings for this type?

You are correct.There is a latest variety which is crispy and with less seeds
These budded guava plants are available with krishnendra nursery Bangalore.This variety has very good keeping quality if it is stored between 10 to 15 degree centigrade(1 month).As of now it is fetching 100+ rupees per kg


Rajendra Kumar

93412 60980

In Chennai u can grow Anakapalli, Banarasi, Bangalore, Chittidar, Hafshi, Nagpur Seedless, Smooth Green varieties of guava
Heavy clay to very light sandy soils having pH between 4.5-8.2 are suitable for cultivation of guava.
Planting is done during the rainy season. June-July is the ideal time for planting the layers and seedling.
The plants are usually planted at a distance of 5-8 m. The exact planting distance is decided according to variety, soil fertility and availability of irrigation facilities.
Standard spacing is 6 m. x 6 m. accommodating 112 plants/acre. By increasing the plant density, productivity can be increased.
High density planting causes erect growth of branches making the plant tall, compact and also gives higher yield/unit area in early years of fruiting.
Square system of planting is generally adopted. Pits of 1x1x1m. size are dug before the monsoon and filled with a mixture of farmyard manure and soil.
A fertilizer dose of 600 g. N, 400 g. K in Northern Region, 260 g. N, 320 g. P and 260 g. K in Eastern Region, 900 g. N, 600 g. P and 600 g. K.
Guava is mostly grown under rainfed condition. During winter season, irrigation is provided at an interval of 20-25 days and in the summer months it is provided at an interval of 10-15 days by the ring method.
Pruning is usually recommended after harvesting or in spring. Summer pruning is generally avoided as the plants get damaged due to sun burn.
Green manuring is usually done during rainy season. Pre-emergence use of diuron (1.6 kg./ha.), oryzalin (1.67 litres/ha.), simazine (1.6 kg./ha.) or atrazine (1.6 kg./ha.) has been found to be effective in control of weeds in guava orchards.
Mulching the soil at least twice a year helps in conserving moisture and improving the fruit quality.

for supply of guava seedlings

Green Spacer
No. 60 A, 3rd Cross Street,
State Bank Nagar,
Moolapalayam, Erode - 638002,
Tamil Nadu, India
Phone: +(91)-424-2284785

Sri Vijaya Durga Nursery
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Mr. venkatesh: 91 9440321269


Thank you Aman Kumar for detailed practices for cultivation of guava. Appreciate your help in suggesting nursery in nearby region

Planning to go in for spacing on 5’x15’ - a mix of high density  between the plants and larger spacing between the rows to facilitate mechanisation