Growing Tomatoes in Polyhouse

Another presentation from KVK, Baramati. This one pertains to growing tomatoes in polyhouse.
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The information is good . I would like to add few points

Tomato cultivation.

1.About pollination- No need of hand pollination.Just shake the string connecting plant and top level.

  1. Aphids are the  major pest responsible for poor fruit set. Timely use of pest control agents to restrict leaf minor, white flies, aphids etc

3.calcium deficiency is severe in tomatoes.

4.  Y  shaped  system of  branching gives better yield

5.good soil aeration,proper nutrient management will give bumper production

6.side branches can be rooted and go for open field cultivation

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Kindly enlighten us the Difference between Poly House Farming and Green House Farming. Is it Remunerative in Growing Vegetable in  Poly House/Green House Farming in view of the Heavy Investment Sir.
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Excelent Very Informative Presentation By Proff Jagdale.
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