Growing Rubber

Hi All,

I am thinking of planting rubber in 8 acres of land.  My land is located in Uttara Kannada, around 20 km to the coast.  Being areca and coconut region rubber would be new to that area.

Could anyone advice on the variety to plant. Would also like to know if any other timber plant ( or any) could be grown along with it.

Would be great if anyone can give the economics of growing rubber.

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Are you on the slopes or flat land?? There are already a few people growing rubber in your district.
Btw, where is your land in UK ?

I have to tell you that rubbers tappers are not easy to find these days. They are a dying breed. So please check availability of tappers in your area. Of course that would be 5-7 years from now :slight_smile:

Below is a list of varieties that are approved by RB.

Category I RRII 105, PB 260, RRII 414 and RRII 430, RRII 417 and RRII 422
Category II RRIM 600, GT 1, RRII 5, PB 28/59, PB 217, RRII 255, RRII 203, PB 280, PB 312 and PB 314
Category III RRII 50, RRII 51, RRII 52, RRII 118, RRII 176, RRII 208, RRII 300, RRII 429, PR 107, PR 255, PR 261, PB 86, PB 5/51, PB 235, PB 311, PB 330, RRIM 605, RRIM 701, RRIM 703, RRIM 712, RRIC 100, RRIC 102, RRIC 130, KRS 163, IRCA 111, IRCA 130, SCATC 88-13, SCATC 93-114, Haiken 1, BPM 24 and Polyclonal seeds

For the first 3-4 years you can grow Bananas, Pineapples, Turmeric, Ginger etc as inter crops with rubber. Ive seen people growing timber along the border of rubber plantations.

Dear Hegde,
Yentha maarayre, keraldinda bandavaru nimmalli rubbuer belithavre, neevyake maadbardu?
Please go ahead in planting rubber in june onwards.
All the best.

This land has elevation. That should be good for rubber. Visited couple of my friends near Jog other day, it is growing well there, but they are not growing any intercrop.  My place is near Kumta.

I learnt that, but that task is not very complex, saw the tapping, i am sure by the time it comes for harverst could get couple of people trained in that.

Overwhelming list, do you have any suggestions on any variety for organic cultivation?.

This place is very near to forest, i am afraid i can’t grow banana because of monkey menace.  Which is the suggested timber?. can it be grown as intercrop.

Sure, will try the same.  Now looking for plants. 
I also hear local monkeys like leaves and twigs of young rubber plant. Any advice.

You can grow any of the varieties organically.

Why would you want to inter crop timber with Rubber? Both are long terms crops and as such shouldn’t be grown together. You would better off with either timber or rubber alone. Intercropping with short-term crops provides a significant additional income during the long immature period of rubber tree growth when no latex is produced.

You can grow ginger and turmeric without any monkey menace.

Sorry agri_exec i missed to continue the discussion.  Now i should really do.
Rubber board suggests to use certain fertilizers, i was wondering is there anything that could be substitute for the same.  I am ok to grow green manures or any other natural things.  Have picked up lots of seeds from and trying all of these in my farm to know if these really grows there.

Idea of rubber came as i saw my friends place where he manages more than 1k plants with just 1 person, he does all the work, does the basic processing and gets the rubber dried and done will all these work before 11AM and available for the whole day for sundry work.  Now, if i have the intercrop with high intense work it will defeat the purpose, so thought of having timber.  Idea is before the rubber starts yielding, say 5 -6 yrs, there should be one timber crop ready for harvest which will fetch decent returns.

I shall try this.

Which category should i be selecting?.  Is Cat I better than Cat II.  Any idea what would be the cost to plant 1100 plants?.  People have suggested to check at Kundapura.  Yet to do that. 

When should i be starting to plant.