Growing raspberry and blackberry from seeds?

Can blackberry and raspberry be grown from seeds ?

I tried germinating but failed.If anyone else have any experience,then please share.

Some of these cold weather plant seeds require cold stratification for them to germinate.Did you try that?       

love the berries!
where did u get the seeds from?

The seeds were pre stratified.

I got in from e-shop India Gardening .

I tried soaking them before planting and moisten tissue paper and kept them on it.All of them rotted :frowning:
Does anyone knows correct germination technique ?

try germinating them in a air seal bag with cocopeat and little water.

whats pre stratified mean and do?

and thanks a lot for the direct link :slight_smile:

I have coco-coir, can it work as a substitute for coco peat ?

Some seeds need simulation of dormant period during winter,this is done by keeping them at low temperature for 1-3 months.This is known as stratification.

I am considering buying plant from Abonna Plants,Siliguri,West Bengal (a website which I found yesterday).

man… u’ve done your homework well :slight_smile:
thanks for the second source u’ve shared! i always thought getting the berry seeds was like big task for me. but u’ve made it a click away!
i also want to try some berries, and so does a friend who is in Hyderabad.

coir …umm… cant say… the main aim is to keep the media as soft and mushy as possible, so i’ve tried growing seeds in 100% coco peat, with a little water and zip sealed in a air tight bag.
i’ve tried growing seeds for almost an year, but this trick i learned from youtube is awesome (growing in sealed bags!

so if your media wont harm the little delicate roots when opening/shifting and can hold a decent amount of water, you can try. soil can also be used, but it forms lumps, which harm the roots when shifting. and about the water, just add a bit, and as the bag is sealed, it will remain in the bag only. so u dont want it to be too humid for the seeds either.

and as little that i know, these are cool climate crops. so maybe if you keep the bag in shade with a bit of sunlight, it might help.
once you have the germination, you can try blue and/or red light to experiment. i think they help growth of leaves and the other flower/fruits, dont really remember which color is for which.

plz keep updating us with your experience.

Well, it’s not a common practice as most seem to use cuttings or layering techniques but I’m planning on doing the same thing so I sure hope it works.  Also going to do the same with some of the wild concord grapes and misc. vegetation around here. So being as I’m not too certain on the viability I’d have to think it would be wise to pre-germinate a batch of 20+ seeds to see how many actually sprout from the stock I’ve been gathering come early spring.

But as with the grapes I’d also think that the child may fall far from the parent in terms of flavor whereas those which spread thru the natural layering technique are in fact more a clone of the parent plant. These ofcourse are ideas based on leaps of logic and scientific intuition rather than any real practical experience. :stuck_out_tongue: lol