Growing Mexican Grass / Turf Grass


If anybody knows how to grow mexican grass (The one used for landscaping). Please provide information. I am looking for the following information.

  1. Where to procure the seeds/ roots / spalings
  2. Best season for planting
  3. time for the grass to establish etc…


Hi Vikas,

I have seen few people growing it on IVC road (between Devanahalli and Doddabellapur). You can just drive around and it is easy to locate them.

There is also a nursery in Yelahanka Newtown right next to Mother Dairy on Yelahanka-Yeshwathpur Road. It is inside a private layout called “P.M. Enclave”. You could just go near Mother Dairy and ask for the layout.
I forget the name of the nursery but they have placed a board right next to the road.


You can also find many in Electronic city, DoduThogur area.

Dibbling roots is the cheapest method of lawn making. but time consuming method,small pieces of grass roots should be dibbled 10 – 15 cm apart in a leveled ground when it is wet after rain. The roots spread and grow underground in the course of six months making a fairly compact lawn by frequent mowing, rolling and watering.

In say 6-7 months you have it ready .

Good luck, Farmer gets Rs 8 per squire feet but been sold by retailers at 15-16 per squire feet.