Growing Coriander In Hydroponics

I am Ajaiy from Hyderabad I want to grow coriander in hydroponic method commercially, can we grow coriander in trays in hydroponics?
Can anybody guide me in this.

Ajaiy. Cell: 9849999100, 9246199100.

      Dear Sri Ajaiy,  I have seen a good  small  coriander  growing  in hydro/aquafonic ( NFT ), in pune during 2014, by one farmer. It was done in half cut 6 inch pvc pipes, of 20 ft long (one pipe 2 pieces ), fitted on a structure of ms angles ( totally 5 + 5 pieces ,ie; 5 pipes ) of size 3 ft x 20 ft. such 4 structures were done on trial basis, i was told. Fertiliser water is moving from one pipe to another by gravity and collected at bottom tank and it is poured in the top pipe piece mannually.

      The quality of coriander leaves found very good and roots found fresh. Very easy to market at premium prices.

      g.p.rao, farmer

Hi Ajay,

You can surely grow coriander in Hydroponic/Aquaponic methods. I would suggest try doing it in a small place first, get to know the quantity of nutrients, do trial and error and replicate the same in bigger system. Take it slow and steady as there will be lot of learning once you start.

I started a mini aquaponic setup, tried methi flopped big time  ;D but learnt a lot. The only positive other than the knowledge was my fishes bred and multiplied  :sunglasses:
Im planting my second round tomorrow after fixing the issues I had in first attempt.

I grew spinach in NFT hydroponics it was great I am doing coriander if interested or have ideas information on hydroponic call me 9985769411

Could you olease share setup and production details , how many kgs per month per 20 ft channel?

sir the half cut pipes had cocopeat ?