Growing Capsicum in Polyhouse

This is the 2nd presentation for growing Capsicum. Will upload the other files later.
Polyhouse 2 Capsicum.ppt (2.31 MB)


good job mate.

I am going to start capsicum cultivation in greenhouse next month.

Your tips and suggestions are always welcome.

Are you currently doing it ? just curious.


godd one

I would like to set-up polyhouse in an acre for capsicum cultivation in tamil nadu , I would need the below inputs who have knowledge or hands on experience in setting up a poly house.

i)Is this profitable?
ii) What are the risk involved
iii)Can we get a second hand poly house set up?
iv)what is the minimum yield can get from an acre

Thanks for your help in advance

hey Zen!
just curious to know if you are a capsicum grower.

Hello Zen. Would like to know more about your progress. If you there on farmnest please keep us updated.