Growing capsicum in polyhouse around Hyderabad, Telangana, Andhra pradesh

Hello fellows,

New to this group and also farming, but founds some threads very informative. So thought I will ask few questions and would love to exchange thoughts here in this thread.

I am planning to setup poly house within 1 acre of 2 acres I have purchased recently. My plan to is grow color capsicum in that poly-house, so started researching and have documented the stages and also what information i need to get before I go ahead. can someone help in getting the below questions answered.

  1. Came to know that in pune there are institutes which give training for 5 days or so, please pass on the contact details of them, cost and experiences

  2. In Telangana I have heard they are giving 75% subsidy??? is that only for poly house setup or for plant purchase and other expenses( I have seen some where they give subsidy for them too)

  3. Any  capsicum growers in poly-houses around Hyderabad/Telangana/Andhra area, can I have a visit to your farms just to get an idea??

  4. How to do marketing after yield?? is there anything like buy back from the sapling suppliers??? if there is buy back how they pay per kilo? what would be the rate we get if we directly sell in whole sale market in metros?

  5. Anyway we can get in touch with exporters?? what are the steps

  6. For drip setup, do we need to approach vendors for that?? do they install drip lines and also the pumping equipment? do we need the water purifier to be installed from the water pond where drip and fogers are connected?

These are the initial questions I got, sure i will get more questions and would seek help from you guys. Once I setup the farm and also venture to more acres, i am sure i will contribute to this forum out of my experience.

Please assist me with the responses.


Dear Sri Aravind,

  1. There is Horticulture Training Centre in pune.They give training in green house crops, Vegetables farming,  protected cultivation and its recent developments, specific crop farming services etc.They
    charge rs 4,500/= for 5 day course. Contact HTC officials, pune, 020 24528100, 020 24522200. Naturally experiance will be good as it is a Maharashtra State Govt organisation.

  2. 75% subsidy with terms.Pl contact your near by Horticulture officer o.f Telangana state

3.HTC is giving detailed training on Green House technology, capsicum farming.

4.HTC is having a training programe on marketing of our farm produce, say colour capsicum.

5.Details of exporters will come in to picture in later part, after getting a International standard produce, so many exporters are in india and  when your produce is in more than at least 6 to 8 hectors ( if you want to export on your own )

Drip companies do pipe lines,laterals,foggers etc and pumps to be purchased from hardware shops.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

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Thanks G.P Rao garu,

For all the information you have given and also responding to my thread

Did you mean NIPHT’s Horticulture Training Centre, nipht(dot)org ???

Did you have a chance of interacting with any exporters who deal with exporting vegetables, please let me know


Dear Sri Aravind,

APEDA can be contacted for details of exporters. Exporters of vegetables list is also printed by APEDA with contact details.

Up to my knowledge, exporters of vegetables will contact us or reciprocate with us only if we are producing huge quantities  of international standarde quality products are available. If you want to export your produces to other countries, it is a big subject. with due apologies, I have to inform that M/s Rajith farms of Bengaluru are producing so many exotic vegetables under trade name of AMBROSIA ,in more than 40 to 50 acres green Houses, but limited to city supplies only.

with best wishes.  g.p.rao,    farmer

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

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Hi All,

  I am Srujan Reddy working as a Software engineer in Hyderabad. I am from a Agricultural background. I am thinking to start Poly House. But as I am very new to this field, I am looking for inputs from all of you. Can please someone share your contact number so that I can get in touch with you to proceed further.

hi aravind
Could you check it out
contact me for more info


Hi Aravind,

My self Sandeep from Andhra Pradesh and did u started your farming through poly house and i am intrested in doing that, could you please share your email id or contact number for more details.