Grow organic produce to save humanity and mother earth

Farmers  should grow organic produce to have better quality  ,free from pesticide residue and to  save soil fertility. The productivity of the crop can be maintained by using bio-fertilizers and bio -pesticides. This will  decrease the cost of production and increase the quality of the produce . The yield of organic field will be at par with chemically produced crop within 3-4 years  if all the recommended organic practices are followed
Dr JS Kanwar,
Former Prof & Head,
Deptt of Vegetable Crops,
PAU, Ludhiana

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we are  helping farmers of Punjab and Haryana to adopt organic farming , In Punjab , in about 6500 ha  is under organic faming . the use of bio mix-1 along with the use of herbal pesticides and cow- urine  is being used  for this purpose. the certification of organic fields are being got done by SGS company . About 3500 ha  is in 3rd year , 2000 ha in 2nd year and remaimg area in in 1st year of adoption under national Hort Mission  programme. The farmers are quite satisfied with this programme
former prof & Head ,PAU
Advisor, Organic Agriculture,

The use of cow urine  and sour buttermilk is very effective in meeting the nutrional requirement  and also  to control the insect -pest and diseases of any crop.Therefore these should be used invariabily  in organic production .  The “Jeev Amrit” should also be prepared and applied to crops  to meet nuritional requirement and fot plant protection purposes.

The work on organic farming is just picking up in the  Agricultural universities. But , The researech on this auspect is little bit comlicated as dose of cow urine , lassi , jee- amrit , vermicompost etc will vary from place to place and to cow to cow  or urine of bufflo will have other effect  than the urine of black cow or red cow. Similerly veremicompost or vermi-wash  have different results depending upon the earthworm species and the materials  uesd /fermented by the earthworms.  Therefore uniformity in such types of expt is littlebit difficult and hence very less recomedations. Similelely the research on micro-organisms has to uniforms so tha repteatblity can be achieved
Dr JS Kanwar
Former Professor & Head, PAU

is it wise to use buttermilk, ghee,pulses for preparing manure when the food product is in short supply in the country. recommendations are given by the scientists without looking into the country as a unit. the scientists are of no use in farming. they do not know what to do in organic farming. they do not have any field experiences. they only talk on conferences, internet. the practical work on the field in organic farming is virtually negligible.

Really it is quiet interesting to know about organic cultivation. pancha gavya derived from cows milk urine and dung is really a good substitute for chemicals. someone said if you have 1 cow you can manage several acres without depending on chemicals. it is really pathetic to hear that farmers who are standing in ques for urea and dap and leaving the yard with empty hands. There must be a NGO to teach them to not to depend on chemical fertilizers and teach them to use natural panchagavya vermicompost , Jeevamrutha and Cow Horn Manure. sometime back i read in The hindu daily that a farmer sprayed diluted  pig urine to save his coconut plants from withering. when whole village was worried with coconut plants withering trier all methods to save and failed one farmer saw a pig urinating and immediately he collected and diluted with water and sprayed. To his surprise the tree started  with green leaves.

just teaching the farmers will not suffice. practical field demonstration for variety of crops in one village is the need of the hour.
just talking, news reports, blogs would not be of any use.
relying on scientists will be of no use either.

Dear Mr.Puri,
Plse don’t blame any one. There are lot of people like me are ready to help organic farmers.Plse note that vermicompost, oilcakes  etc  are not the basics of organic farming. pH factor is the important parameter  for establishing better crop.Plse see my technologies bye bye phorate furadan, Boosting metabolism in plants, Florigen technology etc… It can really help you to re establish earth worms in soil.Biofarms - vision is practical agriculture, need any technical assistance contact and practice in your field.
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D.S.Sureshkumar,MSc(Ag.Biotech),PGDBM,PhD Scholar(Biotech)

The organic farming is useful both large as well as small farmers. Only thing  is that , he is to follow all the recommended package of practices right from the preparation of soil, seed treatment with beej amrit, the application of bio fertilizers, Nadep compost, vermicomost, use of jeev amrit ,FYM ect  for plant nutrients  and the control of insect pest & diseases with the help of biopesticies, liquid herbal pesticides beside using the cow urine and buttermilk etc for getting the optimum yield of any crop . The cost of production will  also be very less. The yield will be less in initial years but will be at par with chemical farming with the help of soil microbes and other package of practices
Dr JS Kanwar

Hi organic fraternity !
                                  Of course organic produce is best in all aspect for human health.It is an irrefutable fact.At the same time, one should not blindly support organics only will be a solution for saving mother india.Chemical farming practically appeared in the recent 5 decades periods.Before that almost all the farmers were practicing natural farming system like farm save seeds, cattle manures, green and green leave manures, tank silt, crop rotation, fallowing in order to allow soil rest for some periods to recoup its natural fertility etc.During the same periods, the death and mortality of human life was more.During current period 99.9999% of indian people are eating food produce made out of chemical farming.So also the death and mortality rate now is many times lower than earlier period of organic farming era.Human health & soil health get affected not just because of chemical residue originated thro chemical farming methods.More than anything the real danger posed to human and soil health is indiscriminate industrial pollution, vehicle pollution and so many other polluting factors.A person however who he used to eat pure organic foods will die very next day if he goes one full round in a metropolitan city.That much pollution is caused due to various other factors. So if anybody who wants to lead a pollution/chemical free healthy life,

  1. better eat pure organic food items cultivated from native plants, tubers
  2. Dont live in the city because there are vehicle pollution, unhygienic slums
  3. if anybody happens to be victimized of accident or any serious life problems, do not visit allopathy clinic for modern treatment which is full of synthetic chemicals
    4)Dont travel in the bus, instead go by walk which is good for health
  4. Dont live in concrete built house with air condition. Instead live in a hut made of naturally available wooden pole and thatches in the village side
  5. for fever , dont take tablet which is chemical. Instead give steam treatment

will anybody follow these?

Million and millions of our poor indian fraternity could not get a single meal a day. Anybody knows organic foods and fruits are sold at prices many times  more than that of conventional foods.When millions of people are not able to get even cheaper foods, some people are always boasting themselves of pioneers in organic.First let us save hungry poor men, mother India knows how to save Herself.
If anybody wishes mother India to grow healthy, first revolt against Alcohol, cigarette,gambling club, terrorism, corruption , drug trafficking, prostitution and the like.
Another important thing is keep indian population in check by being either celibate or stopping procreation.

Please let Agriculture grow on its own time and pace.In the name of organic dont keep check for the healthy and competitive growth of indian agriculture.Nature itself is a great scientist whose power is infinitely more than the combined technical power of all our scientists in this world.
If anybody wants to earn money in the name of organic, please do it silently. Because some elite class of people are offered to pay any price.

May god bless organic revolutionist