Ground nut cultivation

Ground nut is described as poor men Badami and it is very essential for human being for every days food preparation.
Food prepared without ground nut oil is rare if one needs healthy food preparation.

Growing ground nuts are very easy as it about 100 to 130 day crop which is very much soil health enhancer.
Ground nut can be grow as inter crop in Papaya, mulberry, Mango,grape or any orchard as inter crop to control the weeds and enhance the soil health and your pocket money.

Dhiraj 101 crop variety contains 42-45 per cent oil content, matures in 95-105 days and bears 35-40 pods per plant. The variety is also resistant to stem rot.

Time is very short as I received call from my friend to go for farm visit, will update further in evening, you can add anything in the mean time.
prashant, please replay with your latest information about new variety from jalgoan.

    I have not enquired much since I have dropped plan for further plantation till May/June due to water scarcity .
Below are contact details of oil seed research center details .

Oilseeds Research Station, MPKV (Mahatma phule krishi kendra) ,Jalgaon -425 001
Phone-(0) 0257 2250888,Fax 2253228, e- mail-

Scientists - Mr Mulik and Mr Shirke.
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Now is the suitable time to plant summer season ground nuts in entire south India in irrigated facility.
The  seeds from the summer crop can be used for next mansoon season crop.
Rates of ground nuts in the market now is about 5k for quintal.
Fried, processed peanuts (including congress variety) in retail shop is about Rs.150/-
Ground nuts rates during next april may will be around 8k to 10k for quintal.

Ground nuts can be grown as inter crop in any orchard in summer seasons without extra water than that of water to be provided to orchards or any other suitable companion main crops.

Dear Friends,
kindly advice me about GROUND NUT CULTIVATION in Sikar (Rajasthan).

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Pawan Sharma

Thank You Sir,
Where shall we get  Dhiraj 101 Ground nut  Reliable seed in Hyderabad.


Someone was suggesting to have groundnut in my mango farm. I want to keep it as organic/natural as possible. Please advice on what variety is good as an intercrop and also how long would it take to get the produce.

Vasudhafarms: I have enquired in a few places in Hyderguda who sell Groundnut seed but I am not sure which variety is best.


  it takes 90 to 110 days to get produce . For us it took around 100 days in last monsoon cycle .


Dear Srinivas,
You can very well have ground nut crop in mango orchard to increase mulch, and soil fertility as well.
You select any local veriety which can be about 100 to 110 days crop.
You will get very good rates either to sell fresh or dried nuts at any point of time.
Groundnuts produced in NF method may fetch you good returns.

This is the right time to start doing cultivation of ground nuts.
Groundnuts sowing along with other crops is always beneficial instead of sole crop.
Having ground nut as inter crop along with other crop enhances profits from it and also fertility of the soil, nitrogen fixation for other crop under which the ground my growing and restrict weeds in that crop and many more benefits.

Who and all are planning to grow ground nuts?
Any one came to know about any good varieties, ideas in ground nut cultivation?
Please come back with your valuable points to learn. 

If ground nut is cultivated depending on monsoons, and if the monsoons fail to come in proper timing, the loss of investment is heavy atlease 30 to 40 thousand per 5 acres.

How much ground nut seeds are required to be sown for 1 acre? What is the typical yield per 1 acre?

I used seeds about 100kg dried nuts (not seeds) and got about 700 kgs in one acre in last winter season (Jan 1st week sowing).  If maintained well could have got upto 1000kgs.

Thank you Gunda. This most useful. What was your source of irrigation? At this time I am dependent on rains. Did you use chemical fertilizers and pesticides or did you use natural/organic ones?

Hi Ronnie,
    we have tried groundnut last year, rainfed, in little more than a acre .

Mistakes bcs of which we occurred losses is as below :

Groundnut immediately after harvesting was not sold, its general practice to sell it asap, since weight will be more and you get rate approximately.

We tried to store it since it was a rainy season and it was too laborious to put it sunlight and again put it in bags when its rainy .
During the process it lost good amount of weight(40-50 %)  and when sold in market it was big loss.

So if you are willing to store it, better way is get a machine to separate nuts and then its easy to store (many KVKs will have smaller manually operated machine for this).

Groundnut is labor intensive, its better to use raised bed method, it saves good amount of seeds (atleast 30%) + lesser labor for harvesting and more production .
Hope it helps .


Water source was borewell.

No pesticides used.  But 2 bags of gypsum and 1 tractor load FYM at sowing and 1 bag of DAP at 30 days used.

Thank you ppb and Gunda. I read somewhere groundnuts were sown without shelling. Have any of you ever tried it?

@ppb, how much was your yield per acre? how much seeds did you use?


I just calculated - it takes 2 people 1.5 hours to shell 1 kg groundnuts. This includes visual grading.