Gromor Fertilizer

Dear Members,

Can I use Gromor initially for the plants instead if DAP/ SSP/ Urea/ MOP?
Please advice me which plants are better for Gromor fertilizer and which are not advisable not to use Gromer.

Thanks in advance.

pl post abt the constituents of the growmore fertilizer. is that a N OR P OR K OR micronutrient  fert???  there r numerous fertilizer combinations. we cant find with commercial names.  we sh know the  NPK  content . then only we can discuss. if growmore has NPK  contents  then we can workout the plant requirements

Its N:P:K::14:35:14.

hi    look  whether it is a water soluble  fertilizer  which r costlier or  a normal fertilizer mixture.
      if it is a normal fertilizer mixture  u can use it like DAP UREA POTASH etc.
      if it is a water soluble  speciality fertilizer  it is better used by  fertigation  or by foliar spray.