GreenHouse or Shadenet Farming?

Hi Mates,
Myself Ponnam PhaniKrishna, Am planning to get into Farming. Apart from the regular cultivation am interested in Polyhouse or shadenet farming. As am a newbie in the farming i don’t want to invest much in the starting stage. I enquired about the greenhouse farming and got much information on capsicum and gerbera. As polyhouse farming involves huge capital cost am thinking to move onto shade net farming. Can any one help me to understand about shade net farming like:

  • What was the initial cost
  • how economic when compared to normal farming ( i know that less compared to polyhouse)
  • which crops suits best ( as per my knowledge In rainy season it wont work, so we have to stop the crop in that season?)
  • any shade net houses near by Hyderabad

Thanks in advance

Thank you Mr. Phani Krishna Garu,

Presently AP Govt. is Providing 75% Subsidy on Poly House/Green House. I Personally suggesting you to go for Poly House/Green House. It may not be feasible to go for Shadenet in Vijayawada area. Shade net is having limited fecilitis
while Poly House/Green House are ample facilities for Growing Veg or Flowers.Hence go for Poly Huse only.
for Vasudha Green Farms,,

ThanQ Very much…
How much it will cost to setup a poly house in 1/2 acre ( including drip and bed preperation)


Thank you Sri.

@ Ponnam,

1)The subsidy schemes vary time and again and also would primarily depend on funds available for disbursement with GoI for CFA for any financial year. Unfortunately most of the times “subsidy” is just a mere word and remains only on paper. I strongly advise you to approach the nearby state NHB and request them for clarity. Also, NHM schemes as well varies with NHB schemes, there seems to be a solid conflict of interest/policies within the these two departments as such.

2)No way you can compare the economics of progressive hitech farming with conventional farming. The cost of hitech farming would primarily depend on infrastructure sophistication and level of automation you opt for. But rest assured the difference in cost would be substantial in the capital investment and IMHO running cost/working capital would be more or less the same or less in case of progressive farming.

3)With polyhouse where you grow under a protected and controlled environment, you can grow crops irrespective of seasons as UV sheets protect against rain and sun. But with shadenet you may not be growing during rainy seasons, this is exactly the ONLY disadvantage of having a shadenet house.

4)Crops like cucumber, capsicum, gerbera, carnation etc are proven to be well grown in greenhouses in general. You could cultivate vegetables like greens, okra, tomato,brinjal etc as well and fruits like strawberry etc. Because one of our members here in FN from Mangalore is successfully growing strawberry under polyhouse. Remember the bottom line, the only way to break even your investment which is very high is to make sure you grow cash rich crops. Again which would depend on your market’s demand.

Now here’s my suggestion;

Crop Selection:
Identify and narrow down may be 3 or 4 crops
Make a intense survey to analyse the demand for each and current market scenario for the same
Estimate your cost for each incl logistic and storage if required and arrive your expected margin levels for each
Select the ones which prove effective

PH or SH:

Remember with shadenet you will have problems during rains. PH is stable across all seasons.
I recommend PH.So,
Identify and learn various PH models
Start small (a 100sq,m Ph is also a Ph and not necessarily you need a 4050sq.m PH. No shame in starting small)
Learn hands on on various grow technologies. Like lets say you have 100sq.m, in 50 sq.m have soil based cultivation, 50 may be hydrophonics / vertical layered hydrophonics )
Once you taste success, take it forward

Remember one thing, you need to learn, and risk associates with it. So its wise to start taking smaller risks before you take a deeper plunge.

FN is filled with experienced, honest and some ridiculously amazing souls + heartless critics (for the better ofcourse) who I am sure will definetly help you take your baby steps.

To start with I know Bhuvan here from Hyderabad has started something similar , i remember its shadenet & hydrophonics. Please get in touch with him to understand his experience so far. Will pull out his contact and let you know.


ThanQ Saravana,
let me know Bhuvan’s contact details… so that i can reach him on this weekend.

As per Telangana State Govt Scheme it will costs Rs.20 Lakhs/1/2 Acre. Out of this the Farmer’s Contribution is Rs.5 Lakhs.If you and your Lands are in Telangana State  , we will Provide you the Full details on request.

for Vasudha Green Farms,,

my lands are in Andhra pradesh near vijayawada…

Subsidy of 75% for Poly House/Green House in Ap  is avilable. Please contact your Mandal Horticulture Officer for Details and apply with your Pattadar PassBook and with your Adhar Card.
for Vasudha Green Farms,,

Hello Mr. Poonam
My self Ravindra Lende from Sangamner,Maharashtra. I am growing green capsicum in shadenet.  Already taken colour capsicum crop. As per me shadenet is also best cheap option. My problem in shadenet is rain. I have 1500 sq meter structure now going to expand upto 4000 sq meter. If any info contact me.
Ravindra Lende