Greenhouse on my terrace only vegetables

Hi All,

I am interested in doing greenhouse on my terrace (only vegetables) which is 38 inches by 30 inches. I need all the process what needs to be done and also I am interested in buying UV bags. Can one of you guys throw documentation on this so that I can perform the same and will let you know the results. Waiting for feedback from all of you


Dear Sridhar,

You mentioned your terrace dimensions as 38 inches and 30 inches.  This does not appear to be correct.  Please check up. Please look at the You Tube video link attached.  Though the video is in Malayalam, I am sure you can follow some of the stuff based on visuals.



Dear John,

Yes, I think I mentioned the wrong dimensions. The total area might be aroung 4 cents.
The video looks extra ordinary and Awesome. Thank you for uploading and need to have a try on this.