Green manure/ ginger seeds

Dear friends

Could you please advice me
Where to get seeds for green manure and for ginger?
Agri university supply them?
Any subsidy on them?

do we still need to treat chemically?
Please advice on Fertilizers and pesticides need to be applied…

Please advice

Thanks alot

The green manure called Cow pea(dhaincha) combined with legumes like moong,sharponkha can be grown in your field.Once the crops reach a height of 3-4 ft,you can get them ploughed in your field.The green manure so turned in your field will start rottening and get converted to valuable green manure.Normally this procedure is adopted during rains since the water in the fields becomes catalyst for early  rotting.In case you can wait,plan it during rainy season.Regarding ginger the time is out now.Next year you can grow it in the months of May/June.The seeds should be available in your seeds
market in the nearby locality.Cow pea/legumes etc are available in plenty if you visit the market.There you will come to know the crops to be grown and its marketability etc.In case of any problem forum is open for you along with well wishers like yours faithfully.