Green House / Poly House

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I would like to start up farming in Green shed / House or Poly House. I would like to know more in depth details about the same. Please give me your ideas and info about the same.
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Ramakrishna Battula

KVK Baramati (Mah) conducts a three-day course (Rs.4000 incl. stay and food) in this. See attached presentation for more info.
Polyhouse training.pdf (2.2 MB)

Curious to know whether in India green house farming is really needed ?

We have almost 9 months of sunny climate throughout the year. So trying to understand the purpose of green house farming.
I always thought green houses were more suited to areas that had winter climates where one would be able to extend the growing
season by using such methods.

So someone please help me understand why green house agriculture is needed in India, atleast the wamer parts of India.

thx in advance.

It is needed for flowers/crops that do not do well in our harsh sunlight. It is also useful for creating an environment with greater humidity than ambient conditions.

thanks…flowers maybe yes.

can you please educate me about “crops” ? what are good examples that won’t do well in the heat and needs
poly house ? I have seen posts about capsicum, etc which I feel could even grow without a poly house.

Looking for examples to better understand.

Here’s a load of information that should answer many of your questions: … ation.html

can you please educate me about “crops” ? what are good examples that won’t do well in the heat and needs
poly house? [/quote]

On a visit to an organic farm that has a 2000 greenhouse, I was told cucumber, capsicum and tomato do very well in greenhouse. Apart from protection from heat in summer (which shade nets can also provide), greenhouse allows cultivation of summer crops till early and starting of summer season early in late winter (something that shade nets can’t do) thereby allowing the farmer to prolong the growing season. Since off-season crops get good price in the market, it works out well.

During summers, the vents in the greenhouse are kept open. They are kept closed in winters to trap heat and increase temperature. There are also expensive advanced greenhouse designs that permit automated climate control.