Green house or Poly house Capsicum production

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plz browse this post a bit, and you’ll find the direct link to the project report and various documents related to the project.


hey i live in panchkula.
i wanted to know about setting up of a polyhouse and whom should i contact to set up.

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Please send your Project Template for Green House/ Poly House.

Highly Appreciated , If anyone can help me or send me other details about setting up Poly house in Haryana - Palwal.

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I would also be thankful if you can share me with template and documents
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thanks for guiding me and I would be thankfull if u cud share me with template and documents ,
I a sooo thankfull for sharin ur knowledge
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Thank you Mr. Vikas for your efforts in Bringing out the ways and Means of Poly House as well as Capssicum.
Kindly Provide complete template and documents on poly House as well as Capsicum . The Link you referred has not been posted
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Dear KasmiraSapphire (and all like-minded members)
I am also seriously thinking on similar lines as my post retirement project.
Perhaps we can join together?
Incidentally I have a plot of 4000 Sq Mtr in NCR/UP (20 KM from Delhi’s Azad Pur Sabji Mandi).
The plot is on the banks of river Yamuna and, thus water is not a problem. Electricity is also not a problem.

But before going ahead, I need a few pointers:

  1. Can a viable project be set up in 4000 sq Mtr plot around Delhi (Greenhouse, small cottage, storage and other ancillary facilities)? If No, then how much additional land?
  2. Expected Cost of the Green house, including the cost of environmental control (Evaporative cooling and Ultrvilet irradiation)
  3. How many people will be required (i) for planting (ii) harvesting (iii) operations & maintenance
  4. Indicative Cost of (i) Seeds, (ii) Fertiliser/ Nutrients (iii) Growing Medium (for Hydroponic farming) (iv) Harvesting
  5. Expected break-even period for the project at an IRR of 10% and land value of 50 Lacs.

and what about of vertical farming (2 racks: upper rack for Capsicum and bottom rack for herbs/ spices/ flowers (needing lesser light and smaller vertical clearance), specifically suitability, crop selection & financial impact.

K.K. Tripathi

Dear Sri Tripathi,

Welcome to our Forum.

1.A viable Green House project growing Vegetables and/or flowers can be established in and around Delhi. Even more land is still better, since Delhi is a too hot and too cold place, temperature controlled green houses are advisable. i advise you to meet Oleri culture division professors of IARI, Pusa, Delhi.

  1. Temperature controlled Green houses will cost around Rs 1,500/- per sq mtr. you can contact sri Viswas Jogdhand, of IGL, Pune, on 09890566999 , and he may quote you, Only on request, for temp controlled green houses.

  2. Approximately 1 acre green house farming requires 3 to 4 labours daily.

  3. Costs mostly depends on the type of crop, seeds cost depends on breeding Company. ( Colour Capsicum seed cost fluctuates between Rs 0.30 to Rs 11.50.per seed and 1 acre requires around 13,000 plants, which requires 20,000 seeds)

  4. so many factors, known and unknown, will influence. can’t be predicted, in fact.

Initially,try to visit some green house farms, mostly either in Pune and/or Bengaluru.

with all best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer

i am from tonk rajsthan
please suggest me about poly house agriculture

Hi we are from Mahindra and Mahindra and now entered in Agribusiness please contact below details for green house or poly house construction.