Green House Farming for vegetable - cost and subsidy?

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We have 40 acre of land in gujarat. We want to setup hightech greenhouse in 4 acre of land for vegetable farming (like onion & other vegetable). Does any one know about how much cost & subsidy on green house. please share if anyone knows . . . . .

I think, Gujarat government, cultivators can also avail a six per cent interest on subsidy and 25 per cent subsidy on electricity, for five years each. "In terms of project cost, it takes an average Rs 26 lakh per greenhouse per acre, while cultivators earn an average profit of Rs 5-6 lakh per greenhouse.

i read somewhere, 25 % of central government and 50 % of gujarat government sunsidy on green house.
75 % of total subsidy ?" 
what is true ?

please explain . . . . . .

Dear Sir,

              I want to start a diary farm  with 100 Cows  initialy and increased to 250 in coming years in Tirunelveli Dt ,southern Tamil Nadu. Please suggest me with the best Consultant available in Tamil Nadu/other state in India , who can make the project Report and Execute the project in Time.  Appreciate if you could answer the following query as it will help me in proceeding further.

  1. Aproximate cost for the Project.

2.Land required for the Farm with 100 Cows and later 250 Cows.

3.Potential Marketing Risk if any in Southern Tamil Nadu

  1. Source  and type of livestock (with aprox yielding capacity) in Tamil Nadu/nearby state. (Suitable for the climatic condition)

  2. Duration of the Project.

6.Any Turn key contarctor for Executing the Project.

  1. Man power/other Resources required for the Farm.

8.Availability of similar farm in Tamil Nadu or in India to see and have an idea.


Since you are going to invest your hard earned money, do take take time to attend a course where you can get a balanced view on your project. That should answer many of your queries regards to the project cost, economics, livestock breed, diary farm management, subsidy availability etc.

The most important aspect to attending a training program is that you will be able to meet and interact with other dairy farmers and get a share of their knowledge and experience, and some of them may from your area as well.

In my view, going to a consultant is necessary but a final step as the consultant has a vested self interest in selling you the idea or project, as it is his bread and butter. How will he make money otherwise.?

KVK Baramati is organising a 4 day training program for dairy farmers from 20-23 Feb. and the cost of the program is only Rs. 4,000/- including food and accomodation. So attending this training program will help you immensely. Check out the link below for more details. … 9/#msg9049

Good luck for your venture.


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