Green fodder for sheep - Nutrifeed by Advanta

Hi friends,

We are starting Sheep rearing unit near Hyderabad with Nellore White Judipi breed.We have to sowing seeds this week.Can any one please tell me how to do sowing like tilling of land,fertilizers and gap between plants.we are new to green fodder cultivation.please help us in fodder cultivation method.

Please do provide your advises.


Dear Sir, Glad to know that you are venturing into Sheep & Goats Business. I wish you success in your endeavor.

Fodder planning is a very important aspect for any livestock business. Because Fodder is the life line. Hence, There are different way of preparing the land for different varieties of fodder crops.

For example, Maize, Chogochi, Jowar etc etc… all have a different variety of land preparations.

Also, We do conduct “Advance Sheep & Goats training’s & Business development workshop” every month @ our training center in Bangalore where all the Experts will cover various topics and challenges. Its a one day session for all the new & existing farmers and already many have benefited from it.

Please call me on the below number for further discussion on your land preparation and advise.

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