Green Banana [pachai pazham]

Dear All,

Just trying to find out what happened to our good old Green bananas that were available and aplenty, am not referring to raw banana, am referring to ripe bananas that are green and tasted good.  What I see and get nowadays in this part of Tamilnadu is stout long bananas which are rather yellowish in color and does not taste good at all.  The vendors are not able to give a proper answer and they say the green ones are not produced nowadays.  The vendors say these are named “reliance”. 

Can anyone throw some light on what is happening on this front.


Hi Bidul
those tasteless yellow banana are famous G9 bananas yield more and taste less( at least i dont like them ) i live in kerala(am not malayali)
i used to get these "PACCHA PAZHAM"7-8 years back gradually they went into oblivion and its rare to find.since ts hard to find in market i tried to find the plant itself found one nursery in ERNAKULAM who has lamost all varieties of banana :smiley: when i planted  and gave extra care, plants died of unknown cause :frowning:
my humble sugestion is find plants and plant them