Govt survey of land

Wanted to share my experience:
We went to our ancestral land last week, to give an application for measuring our land. This has to be given in the Bhumi Abhilekh office. There they told us that we first need to apply for the “gat” (group) as it is not marked in their records. Only then can we apply our “hissa” (part). We have given the application for the “gat” and waiting for the date of the survey now.
Documentation required:

  1. We needed to fill one form with our names, names of other owners in the “gat” and signs, names of owners of adjacent lands
  2. Copies of the 7/12 for all the parts in the gat
  3. Copy of the map (we had to get this from the Bhumi Abhilekh office itself)

The cost for “ati-tatkal” is 3k for the first 2 hectares and 1.5k for each 2 hectares after that.


Kindly post your experience with Tatkal survey. In many areas due to excessive load or less manpower it takes long time. If the terrain is hilly it gets worse.


Still waiting for the survey date :S

Finally got the date (1 month after applying). The survey will be done abt 2 weeks from now - ie 1.5 months after applying.
We have been asked to arrange for 5 kg “chuna” and 2-3 laborers.

The survey & measurement didn’t happen due to rain. They will give a new date (for after the monsoons).
This was a new learning for me :smiley:

I am located in Satara,Maharashtra. I applied for measurement of 4 gat consisting entire plot and paid Rs.12000 at Rs.3000 per gat for atitadichi mojani. First after one month notice was issued only for two gat diagonally opposite. In fact purpose of measurement is to complete compounding of entire plot of four gatas. Ultimately at the time of measurement I requested and measurement of all four gat done. On the same day date was fixed for showing correct boundary. On that date no one turn up and when I reached office I was asked to sign a document already prepared which requested re measurement which would have required payment of Rs.12000 again. I refused to sign and give notice that I have paid Rs.12000 and measurement should be completed to my satisfaction otherwise I would take such legal step as would be advised. Again after all most one and half month fresh notices were issued and measurements were carried. On fixed date person of office came for showing final boundaries. For two gat boundaries were shown and for other two gat case was closed because there appeared difference between actual use of land and boundaries as per records of bhumiabhilekha. After 8 days I received K-Naksha ,to my surprise I found difference between K Nakasha and boundries shown. Thus after spending Rs.12000 and one year I got nothing. I filed complaint with Consumer forum and recently I have got positive judgement giving order to complete measurement accurately and imposed fine of Rs.6000. Bhumiabhilekha is a most corrupt department and approaching Consumer forum is the solution and not yielding to currupt practices. Any one who need guidance can approach me at 9766397500

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The measurement of the gat is finally done. :slight_smile: The process took 3 weeks.
Requirements: 2 labors, chuna(lime - white powder), lots of patience

Part 1: The surveyor asked to see the “current boundaries”. He made one labor put a stone at each point and put “chuna” on it - to physically mark the point. Used his instruments to “logically” mark the point on his “map”. This involved walking along all the boundaries, and took abt 2 hours after reaching the land. The instrument consists of a tripod and probably a telescope & its assorted electronics (not sure abt this). The surveyor made the other labor carry the stick-with-prism and hold it up at the marked points such that it would face the telescope. Cost - transportation from bhumiabhilekh office to land, labor cost 200 * 2.

Part 2: Done nearly a week after part 1. Background process - per the surveyor’s explanation, he checked the marked points against the maps in his office and noted the differences. Interaction with us: Showed us the “points as they should be” physically. Moved the stones and put more chuna on them. This process took about an hour. Asked us to put the markers at those points. We did that by using 3-ft cement poles. Needed 4 poles * 75/-, a bag of cement (250/- , half-a-bag would’ve been enough), sand and crushed stones (got from neighbor), labor cost 200 * 2. Fixing the four poles took abt 2 hours after the labor arrived.

Part 3: Done nearly 2 weeks after part 2. We got the map from the bhumi abhilekh office. This took about half-an-hour after we reached the bhumi abhilekh office. The actual process took 5 mins (just one sign).


  1. The points marked physically on the land.
  2. The map. It is called “k-prat” (as in the first letter of the devnagari alphabet). It consists of a chart paper with the drawing of the land on it. Shows the neighboring “gats”. Ours is at a scale of 1:1000. Shows the “current boundaries” as a dotted line, and “should be” boundaries as a solid line. Has the stamps and signs of the bhumiabhilekh office.

Challenges: As expected, the attitude of the govt employees left much to be desired. Had to pick up the surveyor and his instruments from the office. They asked us to reach at abt 9-9:30 (which we did, so as not to give them an excuse to say we weren’t there on time; we knew they wouldn’t really start work before 10-10:30). They told us that the instrument was out and would be back “soon”. It wasn’t back till 12:30 and they were peacefully slumbering in their office. Only when I fussed, did they get off their chairs. Actually, moved out from there abt 1 pm. For part 2 also, their time estimates were terrible and we ended up waiting for 2 hours ( :stuck_out_tongue: better than 4 hours).

Good points: The surveyor has done his technical work properly and the map looks correct.

Now waiting for the survey for the “pot hissa” (division).


Finally! Congratulations Trupti.

The instrument consists of a tripod and probably a telescope & its assorted electronics (not sure abt this). The surveyor made the other labor carry the stick-with-prism and hold it up at the marked points such that it would face the telescope.

I think the device used is “Total Station”, is it?


Can anybody tell me from where should I get the “Pot Hissa” for my farm. Please help, It’s very urgent.
Thank you

Sorry, the question is not quite clear.

Do you have your latest 7/12 ? You can get the 7/12 from the talathi.

hi Trupti,
Is there an online form that we can fill in? or do we have to visit the office of bhumi abhilekh to have the land measured and marked by government?

So far as I know, we have to visit the bhumi abhilekh office.

But we can check the dates / status online here (for Maharashtra):

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For Maharashtra, get digitally signed 7/12 here:

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Hi SV Thanx For sharing practical experience. I will call some day. I have just came across the fact that, in my case online 7/12 extracts Land measurement itself is wrongly updated. e.g. 5 acre land is there in old 7/12 and it is shown as 2 acres in online 7/12. I have to correct that first before calling Survey.


Hi, I have a query about our land. its a common land of 16 acres. we have 1 acre in that.Now if I want to measure it, do I have to take sign of other stakeholder also, for haddkayam mojani.