Govt survey of land to be done - Raigad - How to go about it?

Could the forum help with sharing how to get government land survey done for a piece of land I have in Tala in Raigad district.

The info that I have till now is to approach the local govt office, but would request specific details of the address, process to follow, costs involved and any other nuances.

Thanks for the help.

I am in the process of getting this done, but I am not sure how much the process in AP differs from Maharashtra.

Here, we need to make out a challan to the Mandal Revenue Office requesting survey and the survey will be completed within 30 days as per the citizen charter, assuming you don’t directly follow up with the surveyor for quicker favours. There are mandal and district surveyors who do the job and one of them would come to your land for measurement, together with the necessary maps and other documents, in addition to chains and other survey equipment. They will also give advance notice to the neighbouring land holders to be available at the proposed time and will take their signatures at the end of the exercise on the maps created during the process. You will need to have some labour available to hold the chains and fix the markers etc.

The formal cost is about R.s 100 for a lot of 4 survey numbers, but that is the formal cost as I mentioned.

Thanks for the note, but you know there is no consistency in anything in between the states in our country.

I am struggling to get this process done in Raigad district and specific inputs on how, where from any member would be very welcome.

What can be used as “markers” ?

Pieces of granite kadis and some sticks.