Goru chikkudukaya or Cluster Beans or guar gum seeds availability & Cultivation

Dear Experts :slight_smile:

Now there is trend coming up in AP for the cultivation of Cluster beans ( also called goru chikkudukayalu in Telugu & Guar in Hindi)
Recently i came across one such article and few villagers were expressing to cultivate the same in this monsoon season.
I thought to get some details and tried to surf in goggle but did not get encouraging details (i.e. very little information)

Pl help me in giving valuable suggestions

My personal details are

  1. Dry land located in Andra Pradesh (kadapa Dist)
  2. 5 acers of land is available for cultivation
  3. Source of water (only through rain)

I also heard this crop is mainly cultivated in Rajasthan


Here is some information

It is used to prepare guar gum. A natural thickening agent. Used in ice cream, backery creams etc. It is also used mining industry(which is big consumer, they use it for a process called fracking). It has good rates 9k/quintal(the beans,without pods,dried) most of the time you will get this price.


Biggest advantage is it is a legume so it is a nitrogen fixer.

I think the vegetable goru chikkudu is different from the guar gum varieties.

Goru chikkudu is the same chandra.

Ramesh, few months ago a cover page article appeared in eenadu sunday edition. I do not remember the date but you can check their website for archives of the sunday magazine. As with any new market, there are also flip sides to the story. Then again the same paper published one news in business pages as to how farmers were losing money also. Brokers from mainly rajasthan promised huge rates but looks like they did not turn up ( i do not remember all that was written). There also seems to be a new synthetic replacement being developed for guar gum. If it is successful, definitely the market will go down.

What is happening with Emu farmers now? Just yesterday eenadu business page published one story that farmers have come to know the realities of emu farming after all hype. Costs of maintaining say hundred birds runs into lakhs of rupees per month, banks stopped giving loans, there are no buyers for eggs and meat, one company which made tall promises of setting up processing plant and made agreement with lot of farmers is now laying new conditions to them which is not workable for farmer.

These days there is more hype than fact. Please be cautious.