Google+ community for land owners trying to adapt to climate change

My name is Dr. Jean-Baptiste Pichancourt. I am a research scientist in CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). I am working at the intersection between Ecology, agronomy, forestry, economy and institution sciences in human dominated landscapes. I am part of a bigger project CSIRO on climate adaptation and land/ecosystem services.

We have created a community for landowners, community & state representatives, scientists, managers, and other stakeholders from civil society, around how we understand the interaction between ecology, sociology, economy and culture, in order to make better decisions for linking economic development, conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services and land-tenure rights, in a changing climate.
We would be very interested to hear your stories, your concerns, your hope about how you see the socio-economic and ecological situation on your land; how you try to integrate the provisioning of food, timber/non-timber forest products, with carbon sequestration objectives (REDD+), biodiversity conservation and other amenities. What are the challenges you have in your everyday’s life to be able to join these different objectives: your neighbours? the state? the local community? the efforts that you would like to do for the surrounding biodiversity but that you cannot do because of x,y,z reasons. We have created different sections to suit your needs.
Our goal for you is that we will be able to discuss together (farmers, ecologists, agronomists, policy makers, local community groups, associations, state representatives …) in very informal or formal way to find solutions to adapt to climate change. Hope to see you at this address … 9444098643
Very sincerely - jb