Good Recent Organic/natural farming videos

What a wonderful find. Thank you for sharing. After watching this I feel sorry for chemical intensive farmers.

Here’s a good documentary on Permaculture. It dedicates a lot of time to talk about the importance of mulching and how it can improve the soil in very little time.


from Dana & Sarah Films on Vimeo.

I am meeting Subhash Sharma Ji (featured in the two video in the first post of this thread. If you haven’t seen those, watch now. They’re worth the time) in Yavatmal later this month. If you have any questions that you’d like me to ask him, please let me know by replying to this post and I’ll get you his reply.

Post your questions latest by 22-Nov 2013. if all goes well, I will respond back by 27th or 28th. If no one posts, I will in any case recount my experience here.

He has developed a simple equipment to form contour trenches/bunds. If you could caapture video of equipment it is helpful.

There are additional videos made available in the recent one month.  Please also watch them so helps seek relevant clarifications.

Therea are many more, if you search for “Subhash Sharma Natural Farming”

Sri, good idea. Will certainly try and get the video of the equipment captured and ask him about it in detail.

Gunda - thanks so much. I did search Youtube for more of his videos but didn’t find any others until now. This is great.

The video of Subhash Sharma Ji on organic trench creation

Superb work done by Subhash Ji … Even I have also started a FB page to discuss the in and outs of Natural Farming.

I am a IT engineer by profession. Have 5 acres of land in Bhilwara, Rajasthan. I am also planning to start Natural Farming.
What all things I need to do to start it from scratch??

Awaiting Reply,
Rakesh Jain