Good Nursery around Pune / Bhor

I am planning to follow Mr. Palekars model for starting a 5 layer orchard and looking for a nursery around Pune /Bhor to get good quality grafts. I understand it goes against the principles of ZBNF, where he recommends we should grow the plants from seeds and then perhaps graft, but i am not looking @ doing this on a commercial level, but more on my farmhouse.
Plants i am looking for :Mango , Amla, Sitaphal, Drumstick,Chiku / Sapota,Orange,Guava,Pomogranate,Kokam,Tamarid,Papaya,Jamun,Anjir,Jackfruit ,Passion Fruit,Bamboo,Coconuts,Banana,Karonda ,Cashewnuts
Looking @ 200-250 plants in total. Would anyone who has had experience with nurseries in and around Pune please help.
Thanks in advance.


dear Sri Parag,

Up to my knowledge, there are no Certified Organic Nurseries in India , selling Fruit plants.

there are certain farmers, who are following Organic farming practices and developping seedlings and grafted fruit plants. But they are not certified, by any authorised  agency.

you can develop on your own. One thing, in practice  is, if you grow a plant for a minimum period of 2 years with natural/organic mannures/bio pesticides/organic pesticides, the authorised agencies are accepting and issuing Organic certification, if we take a prior permission/license from them.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer