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Which farming is good ( Goat / Sheep ). I am planning to start one of the farm in coming months, Please suggest me should go with GOAT or SHEEP. I am starting the farm in Bangalore



Ist of check which is more in demand. As per survey in Banglore city people are used to Sheep Meat


aslmkum Thank you for your post and i have some questions, i am planing (rather executing) to setup a goat and sheep farm and i have chosen to stall feed them as most of the work will be done by me, i cant depend on the laborers for grazing as they r not trust worthy so now after lot of research i have concluded to stall feed them and for the feed i am planing to feed them with hi-breed napier grass and Lucerne with mineral mix, salts and feed grade urea. will this be enough or do i need to feed them with grains and also advice me on the proportion i.e lucerne : napier  and the proportion of urea to be mixed with grass.

  1. can i install sprinkler system to napier grass and please advice me on preparing field before sowing for both crops. and also advice me on watering intervals.

  2. goats i am not very specific in commercial production as they have no mkt value in b’lore, i intend to keep them for Ramadan sale only so i need some muscular breed like boer/jamnapari which can grow fast help me on this.

  3. how is rambouillet in comparison to other Indian breads in meat (tenderness and quality).

  4. can you help me procure animals.

Thanks and sorry to take your time barakallah…


I just noticed this forum, thanks for the very relevant and useful information. I have some husbandry videos, great links and other info in my sheep goat farming blog.  Please feel free to watch the videos and let me know if you need any more info. I like to help farming community by posting how to do stuff videos, health, management info.
Good luck


Welcome to the forum, usavet; your blog seems to be a pretty useful collection of resources.
Hope to see more of this good info from you on the forum and the wiki.



Which variety would be most suitable for Sivaganga area in TN?


Hi saverafarms,

Have you got any info on which Breed will suitable for
Sivaganga Dist. I am also from the same District and collecting info’s to start the Goat Farm.

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Now in chennai


Hi All,


I am seeing this thread for long time if any more updates available and it seems this thread is sleeping quite more time.

I have some questions about goat farming(Stall Fed Method). Experts, could you please answer for the below questions.

  1. How much land is required per goat(for Green Fooder cultivation), If I plan to feed only green fooder. Please let me know If we can’t feed only green fooder and If we need to feed along with mixed grains, Also please give me the mixing proportion of grains.

  2. Which Grass varieties needs to feed, If I plan to feed only green fooder

  3. Can we have sprinkler system for the green fooder’s

  4. What could be the watering intervals (For eg: dry land in Summer)

  5. How frequent we can cut for feed.

Please help me to gather  this information.



Dear khalidsalafi,
Napier grass is king of all grases.If supply napier and lucerne throughout the year it is enough for the goats.
The proportion of urea to be mixed is 200gm per day per goat.
2.Ya u can have sprinkle system to napier grass.
3.The best variety of goats are osmanabadi,jamnapari and sirohi.U can choose any one according to your local demands.
4.Rambouillet is not a goat,its a sheep.It has a demand in north india.
5.Sure i will help


osmanabadi variety is suitable for sivaganga area in TN as they can accomodate in any part of country.


u can go with GOATS as they have more reproductive capacity and less prone to diseases as compare to SHEEPS


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Dear sir,
My self Anirudh N, we have started Sheep farm in our place. Rite now we have 50sheeps and actual capacity of the shed is 300 numbers. Sheeps breeds are pure naty, here people are use to eat naty sheeps only. We are selling in a live weight manner. How best we can do market about sheeps. Marketing is an big task infront of us. So please revert back with good suggestion sir.

Thank you


Dear all we are the leading goat breeder & wholesale suppliers of Shirohi , Sojat & Usmanabadi Goats.
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you have very good adaptive breed thalacheri. try to get information on this


can you send me the details



Thank you prema_jana. You have given a great suggestion to see why other goat farming projects failed n also compare success stories with them. Please give your inputs reg what factors need to be taken into consideration n what should be avoided to succeed in goat farming.


I will love to have your project report ,but reside in Nigeria how do i make payment for this your project report , please revert thanks.


try this website https://odishavet.com to see the project report