Goat Import to India

Hi All,
Has anyone imported Goat breeds to India?
I am planning to import Boer Goats to India from UK… Is anyone aware of the procedure to import Goats??


Boer goat is world famous meat productive breed. There is another goat breed that you can try. That is Black Bengal goat. You can try it. Black Bengal is a Bangladesh goat breed. Small sized animal compared to Boer. But, produce high quality and tasty meat. Black Bengal goat meat and skin has a huge global popularity. If you are interested in importing this goat breed contact with the site listed here.


if u ever get to import the Boer please do contact me
i am interested in buying Buck in reasonable price for breeding purpose


Hi sandeep I J reddy from gauribidanur I am also Intrsted in goat farming if u impotrted pls inform me want to visit your farm and I am also wants to start farm near doddaballapur pls msg inform me on my mail:jaga.chaitu@gmail.co. or jaga_chaitu@yahoo.co.in or cel:9741085135

Hi iam also intrested in
boer goat when you find any
solution please infom me

& i am looking

Syprus shami goats