Goat farming


I would like to share my understanding about goat farming.
Buying a kid goat at 10 kg weight and following the best practices to make it grow to 30 kg in x amount of months and market it, so the difference of 20kg per goat is were profit and loss is.
My calculation is based on goat farming only for meat purpose.

Am I right in thinking this way?

i would rather buy a pregnant goat,that too of a pure breed…which could give birth to 2 kids raise them if they r female, it will help u to grow ur farm, if male then will help u to get money in 10 to 12 months…in both ways it is profitable

does it sound reasonable…
plz reply

I think your answer is fine if I am going to have the patience to wait that far.
but if I am looking at larger scale say 200 goats I would prefer to buy them as a kid and grow them up for 6 months and send it to the market in that way I can have two harvest in a year.
so if I could make 20 kgs on each goat times 200 gives me 4000 kgs every 6 months.
so the profit and loss for me lies in the rearing the goat form the time  I buy it as a kid say 10kgs to the time I sell at 30kgs.

that looks a excellent idea
but it is difficult to get kids

but if u go with 150 bucks and 50 pregnamt does
it will give u even better return

plz reply

Why is it difficult to get goat kids in india, because there are no breeders in india on large scale.
when you start breeding program to get for kids I think the turn around time will be 12 months to market and your investment goes up am I right in thinking this way.

u will have more kids if u have more breeding does
the central idea is
if u have enough breeding does it will b ease to by ur idea and mine too

Goat kids depends on mother milk as their main feed for at least 3 months of their age.They starts feeding green grass little little with their milk teeth at the age of 2 months,and gets completely dependent on grass at the age of 3 months leaving the mothers milk completely.So if one has to buy the kids for breeding purpose,it is always advisable to buy above 3 months old.A pure line buck (osmanabadi) weights 12kg-15kg (at least) in 3 months.To attain a desirable weight in goats,depends on their fodder,that how you feed them.If you feed them more concentrated fodder they will attain more weight gain in lesser time,but the cost of concentrated fodder is high as compare to green fodder.So Most of the farmers in India avoids the concentrated fodder and depends on freely available green fodder, to gain more profit after selling of goats.So to achieve a desirable weight in goats,depends on your breeding practices.
To know more about goat farming,visit my thread farmnest.com/forum/animal-farmin … lutions!!/

Hi Guyz,

I am planning to start Goat Farming in Karnataka only for milk production and sales and not for meat purpose.
Can anyone of you kindly let me know how is the market for Goat Milk and what is the current price/litre ?
Let me know where i can get sufficient information on how to start Goat farming and how to produce and market the milk.


Dear rajivg.rajivg,
Our Indian goat industry is dependent on meat and not milk.The price of goat meat is 10 times higher than goats milk in any part of the country.If you supply full milk to born goat kids,instead of selling it in market,the growth of the kids will be faster,they will achieve desirable weight gain in lesser time.So that you can sale it at higher prices in market.The profit obtain by selling milk in market is very low as compare to that kids sale in market by feeding them whole milk.That’s the main reason you wont find any farmers selling goat milk in Karnataka and other states of India.No Doubt that goat milk has vast demand in market,it is vastly used in pharmaceutical companies to make soaps and creams.But the profit obtain is less as compare to selling goats for meat.
Current price is around 40rs-60rs/litre,and it hikes very slowly as compare to meat prices.Meat prices hikes every after 3-4 months by 30rs-40 rs where as milk by 1rs-2 rs/litre.
The population of India has increasing very rapidly day by day,and to maintain the healthy diet more amount of protein is being consumed by population in the from of goat meat.As human population increases the goat population remains the same every year or there is little hike in goat population as compare to human population.Thus there is shortage of goats for slaughtering purposes every year,and that’s the main reason for hike in meat prices every year and this will continue for at least next 25 years.
Selling  goats milk is difficult as compare to selling goats for  meat.Goats for meat purpose doesn’t requires any special market as compare to milk,they gets sold even at midnight and can be turned in to cash.
So in India meat business is always profitable as compare to milk,till human population remains constant every year,but that will not happen till next 25 years.Still there is lot of to write to show selling meat is always profitable than selling meat,but time doesn’t permits me.
International Goat Farm Expert.

Nice information.