Goat farming : Breeding vs Mutton

Everyone seems to be talking about Boer and Tellicherry cross online. Apparently, most people are using both the breeds for breeding purpose and very few animals go for meat purpose.
My question is are we heading towards a bubble in a few years with these breeds ?

I do not think boer or tellicherry is being consumed in retail in TN…Can anybody share their experience ?

Dear saverafarms,

I have collected the names of breeds of native goats of TN.  They are as follows:-

  1. Kanni Adu
  2. Salem Karupu
  3. Pallai Adu
  4. Kodi Adu
  5. Moolai Adu

To your specific question about Boer or Tellicherry being consumed, I do not have the information.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Totally agreed with savera farms.
Not only in T.N but also in other major states of India, boer is not consumed,as it has more fat content as compare to Indian goat breed and has low palatability of meat.No butchers in the local meat market buyies the boer,as his consumers wont take boer meat from him.Boer or the cross breed goats prices are very high as compare to meat prices,so butchers wont buy it for slaughtering purpose.Butchers are the main buyers of goats,for any goat farmer whether in the market or directly from them(farmer).


As i have read most of your forum, blog, article etc and being an expert in this field for quiet long time,
What would you suggest?
Whether to go for mutton or breeding ?
whether cross breed will help for mutton, if yes what will be the taste and quality of the meat?

Please advice and clarify, since i have also planned for goat farming and doing the ground work this thread became an eye opener for me.
Your advice and info will help us

I am placed at Udumalpet in tamilnadu and having 2 acres of land


So … in other words Boer is a hype. Everybody is making boer cross for breeding. In sivaganga, most butchers are taking country goats like kanni and kodi…

Dear venkatesh,
No doubt,that you must go for mutton,means breed the goats,get their kids grown up,and sell them to butcher for mutton purpose. Marketing(selling) of goats for mutton is easier as compare to selling goats for breeding purpose.
If you are asking cross breeding of boer with Indian breed,then the answer to this question is no(cross breeding wont help for mutton),crossbreeding of these goats decreases the taste and grade of meat.It increases only quantity but without quality and taste.So if your are going for mutton stick with original breed,which gets easily sold in the market.The best salable age of goats for meat in market is 5-7 months,both original Indian and boer cross breed attains nearly same weigh during this period(only a diff of 3-4kg,higher in boer),but no butcher in the market buy’s the boer cross breed for meat purpose as it has high fat content.So its no use of getting higher weights in goats if it wont gets easily sold.
Goat farming is the most profitable business nowadays but it has to be managed well and have to select the right breed for goat farming.
Dear saverfarms,
Yes boer is only a hype,survey your local market,t if any one has boer in local market it wont get sold till the end of the day.In boer, seller of boer goat expects higher prices as compare to local goats nearly double or triple, as the seller has expense more on them while breeding them.But no butchers buys that as they gets local goats at reasonable prices,so why he(butcher) spends more on boer for same body weigh(meat).
Thats the reality and every one should know that before they start breeding boer,damascus or any other foreign breed.

Dear Smy82482

What about your opinion about osmanabadi goat, Can you share your experience of these goats for meat purpose?

Why the osmanabadi goats are not getting the same price as local breed?
Why we need to pay extra price?
Osmanabadi goat get the lean meat ?


Dear  bpypathala,
Osmanabadi goat breed is called as farmers true breed,as it provides more profit in less time without expending to much for fodder,vaccination etc as required for other breed.It eats any farm fodder,it doesn’t requires any specific fodder,it has high resistant power against diseases, so the mortality rate is low,and vaccine expenditures  too, which  you wont find this in  other breed.
It gets easily adaptable to change in severe climatic conditions extreme hot,cold or humid.It has high kid and milk yielding capacity.It is the highest kid giving Indian goat breed.Regarding meat,it has high palatability(taste) of meat,so any butcher easily buys.Hence the marketing(selling) of osmanabadi goats of your farm is easier as compare to other breed.
It has high demand for breeding and for meat in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra,Kerala,Tamil Nadu,Goa etc.
Coz of high demand and low availability,the prices for these breed is high in these states except at thier native place.
But its the cheapest breed as compare to any other breed if you buy from any whole sale seller like us.You wont need to pay extra if you buy from their native place Osmanabad and Latur districts of Maharashtra .
Osmanabadi goat meat has higher percentage of lean meat,but it generally depends on fodder that you feed them.If you feed them with high fat content fodder you will get high fat content in them.So to obtain more lean meat, feed them with fodder containing less fat contents except at pregnancy,as  it requires to obtain more milk from them.
presently goat meat prices are reaching sky,and even further they will rise beyond today’s price.The hike in the meat prices is mainly due to its high demand(as it consumption increases due to increase in human population),but the production remains the same or even decreases.
So goat farming is the most viable and the most profitable business nowadays,but have to chose the right breed.

Thanks Dr shaikh,

What is the rate of growth for osmanabadi goats, do these goats gain weight  upto 30 to 35 kgs with in 6 months (3 monts milk + 3 months fodder).
What is the cost of these goats in your area (Osmanabad and Latur).
What kind of fodder you recommend, Barley, CO4 grass, Sorghum Grass is enough?
Please provide ratio of the fodder.

Thanks in advance,

Dear  bpypathala,
The growth  rate of osmanabadi goats is around 4-5kg/month.However it merely depends on goat farming practices,fodder that you supply, etc.
To know the costs email us at contact@goatfarm.co.in
I wont discuss the costs openly for any breed(osmanabadi probabaly),the reason is change(hike) in goat prices every 3-4 months.If i post cost of particular breed here,after 3-4 months the cost will not be same,as the meat prices increases cost of goats too increases,but the readers inquires me regarding same cost,even after 2-3 years.So any breeder or seller or expert wont post the rates on net as the post sticks there.Inspite of date above the posts,many of the readers wont read the date and inquires me about the same rates.After that i have to explain in detail to them,so to avoid any confusion or misunderstand,i never posts the goat rates in public forums or blogs.After 1 year,even some persons who wants to start the goat farm and wont have the knowledge regarding goat farming,ask the goat sellers or breeders  to provide them goats at the cost which i have posted there(on net),but its not possible for the breeders  to sell them goats at previous years rate,as the expenses on them(goats) also increases day by day.Due to lack of knowledge lots of people are there(layman)  who simply read the rates on net,and wanted them goats at that rate only even after 2-3 years from the date of my post or any others.
I have got lots of similar experiences regarding this,so i wont post the rate,and this the only reason.Every goat breeder and goat seller must follow it, so that there will be no trouble for other goat farmers to explain their customers regarding current price rates.
There are other lots of occasion,where the goat prices gets changes (rises) to  double for e.g EID.

Osmanabadi goats wont require any specific fodder as other goats requires,that’s the one specialty about them.They eats any farm farm fodder like maize,bajra,jowar plants(that remains after corns are removed),subabul,soya,co4,co3,sorghum,lucerne,punjab grass,pulp of dry pulses,remains of harvesting of any pulse crop,pulp of any dicotyledon or monocotyledon crops that remains after harvesting as waste part(dry matter),barely D.O.C of groundnut,sunflower,cotton seed etc,Green leafy vegetables and many more.
The ratio of fodder is posted on my website-http://www.osmanabadigoat.com/Updatesmore.aspx

Tellychery is consumed by people. But Boer I don’t know still it is in breeding cycle.

Where is Tellacherry consumed? Any leads on who buy Tellacherry would be appreciated…


I am planning to start Goat Farming in Karnataka only for milk production and sales and not for meat purpose.Let me know if my plan is correct.There are less number of suppliers of Goat milk in Karnataka so i can utilize this opportunity.
Can you kindly let me know how is the market for Goat Milk and what is the current price/litre ?
Let me know where i can get sufficient information on how to start Goat farming and how to produce and market the milk.

I am confused with whether to start Goat farming for mutton or for milk. Since I love animals it is difficult for me to raise them and give it for slaughtering after 8-9 months.What i was thinking was use these goats for some other purpose like milk production and preparing goat milk products.


Dear rajivg.rajivg,
Our Indian goat industry is dependent on meat and not milk.The price of goat meat is 10 times higher than goats milk in any part of the country.If you supply full milk to born goat kids,instead of selling it in market,the growth of the kids will be faster,they will achieve desirable weight gain in lesser time.So that you can sale it at higher prices in market.The profit obtain by selling milk in market is very low as compare to that kids sale in market by feeding them whole milk.That’s the main reason you wont find any farmers selling goat milk in Karnataka and other states of India.No Doubt that goat milk has vast demand in market,it is vastly used in pharmaceutical companies to make soaps and creams.But the profit obtain is less as compare to selling goats for meat.
Current price is around 40rs-60rs/litre,and it hikes very slowly as compare to meat prices.Meat prices hikes every after 3-4 months by 30rs-40 rs where as milk by 1rs-2 rs/litre.
The population of India has increasing very rapidly day by day,and to maintain the healthy diet more amount of protein is being consumed by population in the from of goat meat.As human population increases the goat population remains the same every year or there is little hike in goat population as compare to human population.Thus there is shortage of goats for slaughtering purposes every year,and that’s the main reason for hike in meat prices every year and this will continue for at least next 25 years.
So in India meat business is always profitable as compare to milk,till human population remains constant every year,but that will not happen till next 25 years.Still there is lot of to write to show selling meat is always profitable than selling meat,but time doesn’t permits me.
International Goat Farm Expert.