Gliricidia saplings required to put in farm border

Hi all. I am really interested to know where I can get saplings in shimoga , sagar. As I want build live fence . Looking at least 500 saplings or any best suggestion to implement will help me.

I too tried all the usual sources (nurseries etc) with no success. Eventually found some local farmers had planted it along their farm borders and bought sticks from them. Practically throwaway prices, except you have to arrange labour to cut the sticks and transport to carry them to your farm.

You can grow from seeds as well. you can get seeds from Bangalore and start a small nursery. I have tried growing from seeds and they were successful.

Where can I get the seeds in Bangalore?



I can supply Glirecidea seeds, am from Bangalore.



Seeds are more successful. Each Kilo of glirecidea has more than 6000 seeds. Directly sow the seeds during the rains, it will sprout in a weeks time. I have done it for my entire 17 acre land.

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Hi Hema, is the place where I got the seeds from.

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For the information

Thank you very much for all the information. Only one question . i know some people said putting seed will come … I saw somewhere mentioning for gliricidia seed you need soak in hot water for a day and next day you need to put in the field . Please correct me .

I am thinking of adding agave , gliricidia, hebbevu, bamboo in the fencing and also some additional local medicinal plants… Let me know if anyone has experience in this using seed and growing directly in the field. I am weekend farmer at this time so its difficult to manage remotely doing nursery setup for use.I am setting up a field so that i move to completely natural farming

There are several advantages in having a nursery rather than putting the seeds directly into the field.

  1. You can place the nursery under the shadow so that the growth of the plant is taken care of.
  2. Watering is easy in a small area
  3. Pests can be identified and precautionary methods can be taken.