Gladiolus [Floriculture] cultivation information wanted

Hi All,

I had planted different varities of flowers used in a bouckey in open land left it without and care apart from watering.
I found that gladiolus survived and got a few flowers, hence now I am thinking of growing Gladiolus on small scale in open lad as an intercrop Please provide the following info if anyone have it.

  1. What are the natural conditions required to grow Gladiolus {Temprature, moisture etc}
  2. What would be the cost of the corms / bulbs / seeds and who are the suppliers in bangalore
  3. I found that the price varies from 5 to 15 per stick and cost of the corms / buld is around Rs 50. How is this economical {i.e in one corm how many sticks of flowers can we get}
  4. Please share expenditure and profit for gladiolus cultivation.


Hi Viktree,

I am planning for the same and did some googling and came across this website -
I called and spoke to them about gladiolus cultivation and cost of corm and got some info.

According to him,
Cost of 1 Corm (looks like onion) is Rs.3 and about 50,000 to 60,000 corms can be accommodated in 1 acre of land (they grow well during low temperature seasons only). Each corm gives about 1 to 2 sticks (takes about 70 days). Then we have to dig out the corm and dry it plant again. The corms may double or increase in number.

Also I am looking for more info, cultivation practices and economics of gladiolus cultivation.

Pradeep Reddy
MPR Farms
Andhra Pradesh, Karimnagar

Hi Pradeep,

Thanks a lot for the reply !

Rs 3 per corm seems to be very less. It may be the price if we buy in bulk.

I planted these in Nov and it came up in End of  Jan so I guess cold climate and 70 to 90 days are correct info.


Do enlighten on the season of the flower. When to sow and when it flowers. If I am not wrong it is best grown in the winter months. If you have a green house then it’s different matter.

3 per corm, makes it 1.8 lakh per acre + other running costs for ploughing, weeding, etc. the over all cost may go up to 2.5 lakh per acre - is there such a big return on this crop?