Gir cows

hi i am from ahmedabad and i have gir cows and any type of gir cow information or req gir cow contact me - 09737877777

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would like your professional advice on the following:

  1. A good trustworthy agency (in Kerala or Gujarat) from where I can procure the cows and the logistics of bring it to Kerala. Our initial plan was to bring the cows in small batches in a phased manner, but if we are getting from Gujarat, we may need to go in bulk buys due to economical reasons.

Thank you for the info. Please provide us more details, like name, if you have a co., co name etc. #

I would like to know:

  1. Adaptability of Ghir cows to Kerala climate - have you ever sold to Kerala customers?

  2. Insemination in Kerala - we might go in for young calves - due to price factor, longer time for climate adaptation etc. If that is the case, could we get pure Ghir semen from Dhoni farm or somewhere else.

  3. I trust we can use milking machines instead of hand-milking. Kindly confirm; and

  4. Price for milking cow / calves - we may go in for around 10 nos… so give your best price.

I Look forward to your kind response and once again thanks for your professional help. You can contact me or wife Nisha at
Jayan KG
Abu Dhabi - Off +971-2-406 7222 M +971-56 340 3135;
India Res 91-480 288 5185; M +91 949 777 3799

Hello kgjayan,

I am aware of a person who owns a Gir cow some where in my area. Milk production drops a little in Kerala climate. Have not been to his place.

Gir has a massive skull unlike any other cows in India. It seems the bigger skull helps them to keep their head and pituitary glands cool. Kerala is cool and wet during the monsoon(almost six months). Not sure how well Gir can tolerate it.

Some private vets store Gir semen in Kerala, But I doubt the authenticity.

Krishna Goshala from karivellur(payyanur) has Gir cow and Bull. They should be able to guide you.
M. Kunhikrishnan - 9446 308 462 - 04985 260050

May i know the price of each cow…

Hi patel

i also would like to buy 10 nos cow , please contact me for more detail like rate , transportation and other - Binu V Kuttan 9072471895 ( kerala)

Sir can I know the rates of 2yr female & male cow