Ginger through hydroponics?

hi  have red today about cultivation of ginger through hyroponics method , is it possible to get good yield ? does any one from our forum ever tried to grow this in the method ? any ecperiences?

Thank you Sir,

It is not possiable under NFT System. But however Can grow with Co-Co-peat  Grow Bags.


This might provide some insight.

Sahil Rao
Urban Harvest

Thank you Sirm Mr.UH Sir,

What I have posted is that it is not Possible under NFT System > However it can Grown under Drip system with Planting  Media like Co-Co peat. In the Vikdeo thy have Grown with Plnting Media . Either it might be Co-Copeat or  some other Media. Any way Thank you for your insight.

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