Ginger plantation

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Am planning to try ginger farming in an acre. Would greatly appreciate if you could share whats the best time to start and where could I get the seed. What kind of yield I should expect. My farm is in Kolhapur, mh.


In northern India, planting of Ginger is done on the onset of monsoon. In Eastern India planting is done in the month of march.The method of land preparation depends on the soil and climatic conditions.Usually beds of 1.0 mt width ,15 cm height, and 6-7 metre in length with 30 cm wide channels between beds are made. Ginger is universally propagated from cutting of Rhizome known as bits. A direct relationship has been established between size of planting material and final yield. Bits should be 3-5cm in the length, 15- 20gm in weight and at least one sound bud .A seed rate of 15-20 Quintilian per hectare is considered to be optimum for planting. Before planting bits should be treated with fungicide like carbendazim and mancozeb by dissolving the 30 gm of powder in 15 litres of water as a safeguard against soft rot and to induce early sprouting.The spacing for planting of the ginger should be kept 25-45 cm between rows and 15-20 cm between plants.In south India Best Time of Planting is in the Month of September.

Shade and mulching

One row of maize in every inter row space of ginger with maintenance of 100% maize population and application of additional fertilizer to maize additional yield of ginger can beobtained. Mulching is essential as it enhances sprouting ,increase infiltration and organic matter .
First mulching should be done at the time of planting with quick rotting green leaves at the rate of 10-12 t/hectare or with dry leaves at the rate 5-6 t/hectare.

Ginger yiled varies from 10MT to 30MT/acre. In my place ginger is nowadays very popular. Farmers from Kerala come here and take land on lease and cultivate it here. They spray lot of growth harmones,pesticides which will yield up to 30MT/acre. Our native farmers copied them, they could not harvest more than 10MT/acre. So the SECRET POTION IS AVAILABLE only with Kerala farmers. They bring containers with no lables, our native farmers till today could not crack his mistory.

BEWARE: Ginger consumes all mico/macro nutrients from soil. If you cultivate ginger continuouuely for third time, your land good for nothing. So for ginger cultivation nutrient management should be very precise. You must adopt crop rotation.

Thanks all for contribution. I would try panchagya

However I still need some help on where to purchase ginger seeds? Unfortunately I can’t get it near Kolhapur. Any help here would be great. Also any specif variety to try or avoid?


Please Contact with your Horticulture Department. They will Help you in Getting the Seed.Definitely you will get the seed in “Kolhapur”. If you could not get it Pl. Contact on Ph.09133498366 or Mail to i will Provide full information before Mansoonby contacting our Farmers who are growing it .
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Uploaded the image from Palekar’s book where Balasaheb from Amaravathi had planted Ginger as an intercrop in shadow of Orange and castor. Contact him (mobile number in pic), if he be of help