Ginger harvesting delay

Dear Expert,

We have ginger ready to harvest at our 1 hectare farm but we dont want to harvest it now due to low prices. We planted it in last year in first week of June.
We have some doubts regarding delaying harvest.

Kindly guide us on our below doubts?

  1. Can we delay harvesting of ginger by 4 months till August last week?
  2. As of now we have water scarcity in our area and we can only manage to give water every 20 days.
  3. What if there is no rain till 15th of july, will it damage ginger?
  4. As per local farmer, ginger will go in dormat stage and will sprout after raining?

Thanks in Advance.

if you stop watering there will be loss in weight. The benefit you are getting from high price will have no effect because of weight loss.