Getting electricity line and DP at our farm plot

Our farm is near Panshet in Pune. Currently there is no electrical line at our plot. Could someone please answer the following questions:

  1. Do we have to pay from our pocket the cost of laying poles, DP and high tension cables or is it the job of MSEB to provide us with a connection right till our farm?

  2. There is electrical connection at the village which is around 1km from our plot. How many poles and wires would we require if we need to pay for it ourselves? What might be the approx cost?

  3. How can we request MSEB for a connection?

  4. Do we get any subsidy since we plan to use this for farming purposes mostly?

  5. How long does it usually take for MSEB to give us a connection after we request it?



My replies based on my experience :wink:

  1. The local engineer is empowered to sanction 7 poles from a DP (transformer). That includes erecting the poles, laying the overhead cables (these are not high tension), fixing a panel on the last pole with the energy meter and fuses. This is what MSEB needs to do after you get a green light on your application for a new connection. There are intermediate steps which will be informed to you by the engineer.

  2. I think you may require 12 - 14 poles. That depends on the survey that the lineman will conduct once you place you application. I think the approximate cost will be around 18,000 to 22,000 INR per pole (that is inclusive of material, labor, poles, cables etc). For more than 7 poles, your application goes to the next level. MSEB takes it own sweet time. It all depends on how urgently you need it.

  3. You need to walk into their local office and make the application. I guess you can do online as well but not sure.
    There is a provision to get a special DP itself. Depends on the region, proximity to substation etc. In the long run, this is a good alternative as folks shall not be able to tap the OH cables causing overloiading and blackouts.

  4. Getting consistent power is itself a big deal!

  5. It is MSEB after all.

I have no idea about your farm, irrigation needs, plantation plans etc but might be a good idea to consider solar.


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Thank you very much. That is indeed helpful. We are considering solar however an off-grid solution costs approximately 1lakh per KW all inclusive so a minimum 5KW setup will cost 5-6 lakh.

The solar cost should be around 50-60 K per KW, and I agree with you that it is expensive. The reason I suggested it is that the government frequently runs schemes wherein the installation is highly subsidised. You should keep looking out for these schemes.

Having said that you still need MSEB connection for sheer convenience. I was thinking that you can start off with solar (smaller installation) in the short term and then keep pursuing them to get you the connection (if you don’t want to pay for the infrastructure).

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Go for Solar power …with central Net Metering opportunity to sell surplus power to Govt Power Supply company … /

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