Germinating Brinjal in portray

Can somebody tell me the procedure of germinating brinjal in portrays?
Do the trays need to be in air tight environment after placing the seed?


Nope, it needs to be in the open air, under the shade should be fine. but why not a regular nursery?

I have already germinated some on a bed in nursery. I am trying to germinate some more in portrays - they say that the yield is better when germinated in portarays…

I thought you needed to keep the trays air tight for a few days before you lay it on a raised bed…It has to do with the optimal germinating temperature…

for better germination do thefollowing . Make a rectangular transparent box or take transperent plastic bag big enough according to your requirement .Take sand and little mud and steam it a pressure cooker. Allow it to cool and let the water go away fully. After that put it bag or rectangular box at 3 to 4 inches height. Then the put the seeds of brinjal it and close the end of the bag (air tight) and keep it a partial shade .After 4 to 5 days you will see the seeds germinating .Keep it without opening for another 5 days till the plant reaches a height of 3 to 4 inches height. There is no need of doing anything. After that open the bag and plant it on the disposal tea cup till the plant reaches the required height to take it to the field. This is the best method for germinating seeds. You can save the seeds by doing this way.and the plants will be healthier.In the open beds the germinating percentage will be bad and most of the seed will be taken away by ants .Try this method and you will be satisfied with the results. any confusion please feel free:

We are agreeing with the Procedure Provided by  “Babuissacammi” because the Growing of plant in Nursery is Most Important.We are aware that in Human and Animals too  Helth in the Child stage will continue for the balance life.Hence Proper Care in Nursery Stage is More Importanat for any Crop.

Thanks babuissacammi !
Portrays were wrapped in tarpaulin blue sheet for 4 days. Yesterday, I opened it up and saw small white shoots in some of the cavities.
My question is should I continue keeping it in covered plastic environment (as you mentioned) or should I uncover it and leave it open in shadenet?

Attached is a pic of shoots…

dont open the sheets .Put transperent sheet instead of blue sheet. you can see the growth of the plant. If you open again and again the water will get evaporated and humdity in the box will minimize. It is the humdity which makes the seeds to germinate. There is no need of any manure. Better you mix dry cowdung along with the sand. Let the plants grow up to 2 to 3 inches height. before being taken out . The growth will be better when in the chamber.

babu issac

How many days should I keep it in chamber after placing the seed?
If I do not open it, how do I water it then?

what you have asked is right . The science behind covering it with polythene sheet is as follows:

  1. climate is maintained because in the day time due to heat the water in the box will evaporate and humidity is formed. which will cause the seeds to germinate.

2.There is no need to water because the water in box will always be there since there is no way to escape.I hope you might have understood now.It is just like the small earth.In evening the water which gets evaporated during the day time will come down when the atomosphere becomes cool . Experiment  and get sastified.

babu issac

Dear All,

We tried many system of germinating seeds at our farm.mainly tomatoes, chillies ,Brinjal ,Broccoli , chineese cabbage etc…

We tried with pot trays, covered with plastic sheets, with news paper

Disposible glass

Raised bed in poly houses.

Potting mixture vermicompost + Soil -1:1 ratio - Then sterilized with  Cartaphydrochloride -0.5 gm /lit+coc -2 gm/lits  -soak all

The germination rate was around  95%

Disposible glass found to be economic  because  - sow  6  seeds /glass  , prevent water logging put 3-4 holes at the base of soil.

Then cover it with news paper,  irrigate daily on the news paper

when covered  with plastic sheet , high relative humidity + High temperature favour  damping off.

once the plants are 3-4 leaves old  control irrigation  to make the plants siff,

Then transfer  plants of cup to  small disposible glass one each and  ready for planting after one week.

Thank you
Good luck

    Not only brinjal seeds .All vegetable seeds can be sown in pro-trays with cocoa-peat as  rooting medium.The reason for raising vegetable nursery in pro-trays is as follows
1-No water stagnation around root zone.Further soft cocoa-peat make way for tender roots grow and establish unhindered. Further the rooting medium keep moisture status at optimum.Because excess moisture will make young germinating seedlings  susceptible for damping off disease which affects collar zone of developing roots
2-A single seed placed in each hole of pro-tray is free to germinate -disease free
4-The basic in seed germination is-seeds when purchased will have moisture % of around 9-12.In that condition the seeds are alive just like a man sleep in the night.Once when you place seeds either in soil or something like that the seeds immediately absorbs water and start respiration and generate heat and consequently its physiological process is kicked off.Plumule and radicle emerge out and growth initiates just by consuming stored food materials in the seeds itself.In a week time plumule develop into a shoot and turn green with its leaves carrying out photosynthesis.For germination the minimum temperature should be around 24-27 degree celsius.The high-tech nursery producer raise vegetable seedlings in pro-trays within polyhouse or shade net because the temperature is automatically regulated inside polyhouse thus ensuring normal growth of healthy seedlings, also free from insect attack.
5-once seedlings are ready it is transplanted to main filed just by taking away the seedlings from pro-tray along with cocoa-peat unlike in ordinary nursery where the roots are cut and retained in the nursery bed during pulling up of young seedlings.Also no shock effect unlike in an ordinary nursery where the young seedlings take about week time to produce new roots and establish in the main field’
6-Air tight condition for nursery is a non-sense pracitce.May be it is partial shade which promote young seedlings emerge since scorching sun will damage tender shoots.The air tight condition has nothing to do with germination n establishment of seedlings.The seeds may germinate but later it will  get choked n go pale n finally become  sick.The practice is different in the main field where the soil is covered with plastic mulch n germinated seedlings are planted inside the round hole made over the plastic mulch.Here irrigation is done thro’ drip irrigation.In this case the plastic mulch not only maintain micro climate around root zone of plants but also prevent weed growth thus enhancing healthy growth of plants and more yield.


Hi all,

Anyone know sellers of these portrays in india? How much do they cost? Need one for my garden project:) I tried to look up on google but strangely not too many listings from india. 


I had somebody buy it for me from Krishnagiri for 14/- a piece. You should be able to procure it from Bangalore. Try searching for portrays…


Why do you have to put the mud and sand mixture in a cooker?? I assume it is to kill the pathogens. If you are trying to germinate seeds on a large scale, then it means substantial amount of sand/mud that needs to go in the cooker. Is there any other way of doing it?