Gerbera Cultivation in Polyhouse (Seeds or Seedlings)

Dear All,

I am planning to grow Gerbera flowers in a polyhouse of 2000 Sq.Mtrs.

Looking for some seeds or seedling suppliers.

I had contacted one supplier in Pune, they are charging Rs. 35 per plant,
which is costing me 35 x 12500 plants = Rs. 437500. I feel, its too much investment for me at the beginning.
Also i have to build my polyhouse now.

Please suggest me, whether to buy seeds and germinate on my own or buy seedlings(plants) from nursery.
How much does it cost in both cases?
Usually, how much do the nurseries charge per plant, if we provide them the Seed?

Those who had experience in gerbera cultivation, please share ur experience and best practices.

Pradeep Reddy
MPR Farms
Andhra Pradesh


Initial cost of Gerbera or Carnation is very high, however it pays back as it is 3 yr crop and even more if you manage properly.
You should go for tissue culture seedlings as they will give you good yield. If you compromise on seedling itself your whole crop may be poor. Try reputed suppliers like Florence Flora from bangalore or KF from pune or Spic from coimbatore.
The size of flowers from nusery and from tissue culture is very different, since tissue culture plants are propogated from imported mother plants.

I am not endorsing any of the above suppliers, when I was purchasing, I came across these 3 as the most reputed. Other gerbera growers can give more insight.

Good luck.

Thank you very much Nikhil for the information.

May I know at what price and from which supplier u bought the plants?

Pradeep Reddy


If you are planning gerbera, go for tissue culture plants. because thats when the whole commercial purpose will be solved.

i am a gerbera grower myself, the rates vary from supplier to supplier. Check your locality and find which varieties are doing well in your area, then demand them from these suppliers. Let them quote you their rates.


Thanks Aman,

I was waiting for ur reply as well. Read all ur posts in Vivek’s capsium topic.

How ur gerbera plants are doing now? If possible, please post some pictures. Also share your experience. I am very new to this.

I got the quotations as Rs. 30 to 35 from different vendors. What do u think? Is it the right price? At what price u bought them and from which vendor? (if u don’t mind sharing the details).

Pradeep Reddy

My gerbera is doing perfect now.
30 to 35 is the ideal price range, just check what varieties they supply.

i got my plants from rise n shine, although i would recommend you to go for other companies.