GAMHAR (Gmelina arborea, Beechwood, Gmelina) plantation on large scale

I am starting the plantation of Gamhar tree (Beechwood, Gmelina, Goomar teak, Kashmir tree) on large scale for Timber trading and forest conservation.

I want to know that can anyone give suggestion regarding the same? like fertilization, ideal soil and climate etc?

Does anyone know that any tissue culture option is available for GAMHAR? or should i use the seedlings to make the plants and thn use them for plantation material?

Any information regarding the TIMBER plantaton/ Gamhar plantation and maintenance will be useful for me.

Thanks and Regards
Samarth Jain

Thank you Sir,
Go for Malabar Neem Cultivation which will fetch you a Minimum of 10 Lakhs/Acre +  on Raising for SIX Years.
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MANNE.SN,B.Com.,LLB, for Vasudha Green Farms,  Hyderabad,9133498366

Thanks for reply. Well actually i have no experience or understanding about the malabar neem. Can you send me some details on my email id (samarthjain.india@gmail)?
I will be for sure interested if understand how i can earn from the same.  Thanks and regards

Dear sirs
Gambhari tree is specified as superior “brahmin” wood in sanskrit literature.It means it is lighter in weight and superior in use for furniture making,boat making(in ancient times),sofa making etc.This is a medicinal tree whose seeds are valued item for making herbal powders.This tree responds well to good maintenance and sufficient space, if assured, for it to grow well.Plant it at a distance of 15 to 20 feet each sapling,water it well and keep clearing undergrowth so that it gets full diet from soil.Minor amount of nutrients should be provided to plants every year,replacement of dying plants/saplings and watering at a gap of 15 days in winters and every week in summers will work wonders to let it have fast growth.Ignorant people plant saplings at very close distances and as a result pencil thick plants grow which take 10-15 years to have some limited value.The wood in such trees is unfit for all uses except in plywood industry.A plant grown with spacing grows to be good tree with thick stem with good quantity of wood in volume for commercial use.